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This Crunchy Baby Thing is Killing Us…

Quick! Has Anyone Shot a Lion?!

They have!?  AND IT’S AN AMERICAN!?  Sweeeeet!

Yes, I KNOW this has been going on for decades… legally.  But that’s not the point!


Some of our base, those that don’t think Crunchy Babies is a breakfast cereal, are catching on to the fact that Human Body parts are being quietly sold for Profit by Planned Parenthood.

We need to move them away from trying to understand the whole PP issue.

We need a Furry Face of Distraction!

And, we need to personalize it just like Alinsky taught us.  I wish the Lion had a name…

no way…!


Perfect!  The sweet, adorable, Lion has a name!  How totally Disney!

This is brilliant… even the kids will cry!

Human Life is Cheap and a Detriment to the Planet, but Lions!?  Lions deserve to live way more than Humans!

Besides, fetuses don’t have names… and we all know “it’s not a life until it leaves the hospital”.


That was Close!