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Smoke Pot!

George Soros spends over $80 Million to legalize Pot in the United States…

This morning at 5am, I sat down at the breakfast table with my Bloody Mary (I was out of Tomato Juice…) and it occurred to me there is a funny thing about Liberals.  They “love” liberty… as long as it doesn’t get in their way.

Here’s what I mean… Liberals cherish your right to smoke marijuana.  I mean CHERISH this right.  But why this “right” and not so many others?

We know they only like free speech as long as they agree with it, and they Hate your right to own a gun…But not theirs of course, because They’re Smarter than You.  They love your right to vote… as long as you don’t have to prove who you are and you can do it over and over again during the same election. Etc. Etc.

So… They seem to love your rights as long as they don’t get in the way of the Socialist Utopia they dream about.

Once you understand it’s really about Progressive Socialism, then it makes sense they would rather have you believe they’re on the side of the “free” because they champion your God-given right to smoke pot!

Do you or someone you know have a younger brother or sister who is “ADHD”?  Did you notice how much easier they were to “manage” after they had taken their Ritalin?  Or how much “nicer” your Significant Other was when they had taken their Xanax?  How I’m almost tolerable after you’ve had a couple of beers?  Well…

How do you stop an entire generation from learning your actually Ridiculous?

It’s frustrating because once most of us graduate from our early twenties and take on the responsibilities life thrusts upon us we start waking up.  Abby Hoffman said it best; “don’t trust anybody over thirty”.  He had good reason to beg his following to be suspicious of grownups.  Abby realized that getting older can be the Antidote for Useful Idiocy.

So back to ‘how do you get them to stop figuring it out and keep them Useful?’  Toke up!  Simple.

As long as they are Stoned, the Useful Idiots remain useful well into their thirties and beyond as they were too busy bowl burning to develop skills necessary to take care of themselves.  Being stoned all the time keeps them in a permanent state of childhood dependency.  Brilliant!  They stop moving out of their parents houses… they play video games all day in the basement… they don’t learn how to socialize with the opposite sex unless that sex is on a computer screen… they can’t hold a job because their boss doesn’t “get” them… even the Government now says you’re a child until your 26th birthday… HOLY CRAP!  IT’S TOO LATE!

So it’s over.  We might as well give up.

Or, we need to demand ALL of our Individual Rights, everyday… with no exceptions… if that includes smoking pot, fine… but no picking and choosing by the Left.

It should be an all or none kinda thing, don’t you think?

Anybody got a Match?



The Man from San Diego


An ideology for Sociopath’s.

There are those out there who destroy for the sake of destruction.  There is no intent to rebuild.  There is no intent to improve.

They derive satisfaction in the amount of damage they can do.  Pride is found in the level of complication and success in the act.

Some seek fame… most do not.  They have been employed by socialists as bomb throwers… but never cared the reason.  We have seen them on the streets of Greece, Portland and many other places all over the world.  You will find them mixed in the protesters, or flying high in personal jets funded by their global investments.  They are as old as time and what they all share is a lack of empathy and a high level of intelligence.

This person has been represented in character form  as “The Joker” and in “The Man from St. Petersburg”, he is often used when we need an enemy that defies explanation.  In reality he is… James Holmes.

While we might subscribe to destruction with intent to rebuild, remodel or change some existing structure or paradigm for the better, tearing something down simply to destroy is beyond our understanding.  The few that do understand these people are those who chase them, or the individuals themselves.  The rest of us sit silently dumbfounded watching the news and asking ourselves how such a person can commit such an act.

What we need to do is come to a simple understanding.  Evil exists.

We do not want to believe this truth, especially when it stares us straight in the face.  But history has provided us with myriad examples from the Countess Bathory to Ted Bundy and Jeffery Dahmer et al.  Yet we cling to the idea that “if we could have just reached these people and helped them everything would have been OK”… It’s our way of denying evil.  It’s our way of defending ourselves from the reality that some people are simply bad.

James Holmes is Bad.  James Holmes is Evil.  James Holmes was never going to be OK… he was always going to be James Holmes.

No,  clearly he did not display this persona at every moment of his life.  Yes, there must be people who enjoyed his company even if it was for a brief time.  But being a Sociopath does not make you dysfunctional.  On the contrary, very little empathy is required to live day-to-day and be successful.  Some of these people, like James, even live and die having full lives without the attention of anyone.  Such is mental illness… such is evil.

You must accept something;

There are people out there who want to kill you.  There are people out there who don’t care if they kill you.

Then there is a brilliant James Holmes, who is both and didn’t need a reason beyond committing the act.

There was nothing any of us could have done to prevent this from happening.

While it may be uncomfortable to think people like this are out there right now… they are nothing new.  They are nothing special and history always treats them with little attention.  Which is exactly how to handle James.

True Motivation…

Very early this morning James Holmes committed a murderous act.

He filled a movie theater with gas and began shooting those inside.  There can be no reasonable explanation for such an act.  There are no words that can console the loved ones of the victims.

We are about to embark on several weeks of exploring the question of what causes a person to do such a thing.  Understandably so.  We will search for his “True motivation”.  But we will once again be disappointed.

In our search for motivation we set ourselves up to be let down.  But being let down accompanies something far worse.  We set the stage for those who wish to take advantage of such situations to foist more limitations to our freedom and liberty.  We open ourselves up to this because we want someone to take care of us and keep us safe.  Somebody other than ourselves.

I do not advocate turning away from the discussion… I simply recommend reason, rational and caution.  These attributes become rare after situations like these as we have witnessed in the past.

It is imperative to remember, these events are not isolated to the U.S.  They are not unusual world over.  Danger is always present.

What separates the U.S. from the rest of the world is that we expect more from each other in terms of defending ourselves.  We understand that in order to be free we must accept a certain level of danger.  We must personally shoulder the largest responsibility for our safety as individuals, because nobody else can.

This statement may not be well received by most who have lost someone or been a victim of such an act.  Even so, in their heartache and pain their lives are better because they are free.  Our lives are better because we are free.

Nothing is new in this world.  Take the time to imagine a nation where cameras are on every corner and the only people with firearms are those who we have reserved the power of force.  These nations have existed in the past… do you remember what they look like?  All were constructed and legitimized using the immediate need for “public safety”.  All of their power over their citizens was finally solidified following tragic loss of life and a profound feeling of vulnerability blamed on some abstract enemy.

Those who crave power and wish to control us will never let a tragedy go to waste.  These are the politicians who will attribute cause where there is none.  They are the media folks who will attempt to blame ideas and when unable to provide evidence will fall silent knowing there will be no penalty.  They are ever-present and cloak themselves in the best of intentions.  Look for these people and… Be careful.

There is, however, an immediate action we should take.  It is to surround those who need us and provide solace and comfort in every way.  The next actions must be patience… and calm.

There is an enormous amount of information we yet do not know regarding this event…  Every one of us must pay attention.  We all have an individual responsibility to engage these persons and head-off or stop these acts.  If there is something to learn we must learn it.  We literally are the “first responders”.  Always.

If there is a common lesson here, it is to be very careful not to abdicate your responsibility to a nameless faceless entity expecting them to take care of you.  They can’t.  While we love our police officers and firefighters, when the moment comes they can’t be everywhere all the time… and you don’t want them to be.

The only “true motivation” that matters should be your drive to remain free, seek truth and apply reason.

Put the beer down… it’s time for sobriety.