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When Clowns Attack…

We are being assaulted by Creepy Clowns!

It’s True. There have been reports all over the United States, particularly in the Northeast, that Clowns are trying to lure innocents into the woods with promises of free candy only to do nefarious things to them.

Indeed… the United Nations is back in town.

(Is it a metaphor, or isn’t it?)


1000 Clowns

1000 clowns are going to protest at the NATO summit in Chicago.

No, this is not referring to the NATO representatives…
No, this is not referring to Occupy protesters…
No, this is not referring to the NEA or SEIU or UAW…

No, the entire House of Representatives, Senate and the President will not be marching…  while genuinely accurate there is not enough of them.

And NO, the U.N. is not making a special appearance…

These are reported to be the traditional type of “funny” clowns, not the “unfunny” kind mentioned above.
All my life I thought 1000 Clowns appearing in one place at one time was a biblical sign of the Apocalypse.  A friend of mine who is more informed on such Old Testament issues told me I was wrong…
I’m not convinced.
So here we go folks… drink up and smoke’em if you’ve got ’em.

The End Times are here.

I’m headed for the liquor store.