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Here We Go…

In a Matter of Hours we are going to know who our next President of the United States will be.

What should we expect from the current President between now and January 20th?

What you will see is a flood of new regulations with the most onerous environmental ones being saved until the vary last minute of Barack Obama’s tenure. This is what Bill Clinton did in his last days as President and will be his recommendation for this outgoing President.

So why after 4-years in office with 2 of those years possessing super majorities in both houses would Obama wait until the last-minute to create new regulations supposedly designed to make the air and water cleaner… workers safer… cars safer and more fuel-efficient… while punishing Evil Banks and Big Oil? Because these new regulations will be so destructive… so prohibitive to carry out… so expensive that the Romney Administration will be forced to repeal them immediately thus giving the Leftists issues on which to accuse Republicans of “hating the environment… workers… old people and puppies”.

Bill Clinton did this with a flurry of new regulations that were absolutely impossible to implement let alone enforce. These reg’s were passed on his very last day (Along with a some extremely questionable pardons… if memory serves.) in order to tie the hands of incoming President Bush and force him to repeal them… to a cacophony of screams from the Socialists that Bush hated your children and wanted them to drink dirty water and breathe dirty air. Nevermind that he and his family breathed and drank the same air and water.  Clearly he hated them too.  The Left will revel in Obama’s brilliance, just as they did Clinton’s, while the adults in the room will have to figure out a way to teach those wishing to be serious individuals what is really going on.

I bring this up to reiterate a point made earlier… it’s not over once Romney wins. It will never be over as long as there are people out there who firmly believe the ends justify the means and you need them to make decisions for you because you’re too stupid to make them for yourself.

If you know it’s coming, it’s easier to spot… and easier not to fall for it over and over. We need to prepare ourselves and help our friends who pay a little less attention to such things see through the Machiavellian Machinations used by those who wish to control us all.

On November 8th start paying very close attention to the Senate and Harry Reid as well as Nancy Pelosi in the House.  Begin watching what they are doing and be quick to ask “why”.  The Liberals will not go quietly into the night.  They will pull out all the dirty tricks they can think of… remember when the children of the Clinton Administration popped all the “W” keys off of the computer keyboards before the incoming Bush Administration got there?  (Tee Hee…)

When I say Children… I mean it.  The Left has, and will continue to, earn the moniker.

They’re certainly not above it…

Just watch.