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Crap Floats in the Ocean

And Apparently it also passes for News.

The search for Flight MH370 continues….

Considering the Ocean is littered with debris from hundreds of years… possibly longer, why does the sighting of it occupy the attention of the News Channels, Programs and Networks?

Is it Easier than tackling tougher Issues like:

The Soviet Invasion of Eastern Europe?

The NSA’s Domestic Spying and Keith Alexander’s latest Interview where he States unequivocally that not a single person at the NSA has done Anything Wrong… Ever… Not Once… except for those who did, those one times…?

The IRS targeting Political Opponents of the President?

The BATFE sending Weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels in an effort to create a Case for more Domestic Gun Control?

The Skyrocketing Debt and the Fiscal Malfeasance it Represents?

The fact that Keynesian Economics has Not Lead to the Economic Recovery the Leftists in our Government Promised it Would?

The Destruction of the Greatest Health Care System in the World because Progressives want Control over the 6th of the Economy the didn’t have before?

The Utter Betrayal by our Elected Representatives to Look Out for the People by taking the time to actually Read Legislation before voting for it?

The TSA wanting to Establish Itself as a Federally Sanctioned Domestic Police Force by Arming it’s Agents?

The Federal Government wanting to Secure the ability to decide Who is and Who isn’t a “Journalist” in order to control the only Private Entity with the Resources Capable of Maintaining a Cynical Eye on Their Behavior?

The DOJ refusing to prosecute voting illegalities because they just don’t agree with the Law?

The DHS even Existing when We already have the FBI and the CIA which were designed to be separate for very, very, very good reasons?

The Executive Branch unilaterally creating Law extra-Constitutionally?

The Un-accountability associated with a Specific Past Senator and Specific Past Congressman when they sat atop the effort to Collapse the United States Financial System?

I could go on….

But these Mysteries don’t require cloudy satellite pictures of lightly colored blobs with which a Dedicated Journalist can Follow a “Breaking News” graphic.

So I’ll just stay drunk and stop asking questions.  Flying Monkeys did it anyway…


If You’re in the Banking Industry

Get ready to get Hammered.

Actually… getting hammered might be the best way to deal with what you’re in for.

The Left has no victory… no achievement… no success they can point to as justification for you voting for them. And to keep up the façade of everything not just being “okay” but “Improving” they need more money. A lot more money.  Well, You and I are out of money and not buying that everything is Okay, let alone Improving. In fact, it seems that Major News Outlets are the only one’s climbing on the “everything is okay” bandwagon offered up by the Obama Administration.

With Detroit bankrupt and more to follow including the entire state of California, the majority of us Hating Socialized Medicine, Work Hours being Cut, Salaries dropping, Unemployment Rising and the Dollar being Devalued the Progressive Liberals will have to go after Someone.

Enter the Banks.

As if it hasn’t been bad enough for our lenders being forced by our elected officials (Hello Barney Frank and Chris Dodd) to give people money they could never pay back, they are about to get a hefty second dose of a pointed finger accompanied by a shrill scream of how Evil they are. This is the only page left in the “gin up the base” play book.

So batten the hatches and get ready for the storm. Get ready to hear about all the “favors” granted to the banks by a benevolent Government. Get ready to hear a constant whine of how unfair the banks have been to those segments of society who always seem to get treated unfairly. Get ready for the barrage of example where the banks have not yet paid their dues for the malfeasance during the housing bubble and subsequent collapse…

Even though it was Representative Barney Frank and Senator Chris Dodd who designed to scenario for it occur, then forced it to happen.

Why again are these two not in jail?

Anyway, here we go! It’s election time!

Obama and the Evil Bankers.

Oh the places they would go…
The real reason the current administration will not go after those “evil wall street bankers” is where it would take them.
I have been listening to yet another cycle of how the bankers got the U.S. into an economic crisis and single-handedly destroyed the world markets. It’s astonishing that there is still any discussion regarding what happened… but let’s climb on board and revisit this.  Pay attention Occupiers.
We should start with why we are here again.

The BIG question seems to be why the Obama administration will not release the dogs of the Justice Department on the Evil Wall Street Bankers. In the opinion of the (uninformed) Left, these people need to be sentenced to death. While there is certainly some blame to be cast upon these folks… it will not be.
Here’s why;
1. These same people make up most of the Obama administration. Don’t trust me… check for yourself.  (Bankers being a part of administrations is not new… this is not necessarily an indictment.)
2. If, by some cosmic miracle, the administration did go after these people the preceding prosecutions would take the Justice Department (and more importantly YOU the public) right back to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac… who were colluding with Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. I’m not going to mention party here as you have the ability to find this out on your own as well.  Hint: YouTube has some wonderful footage of Barney Frank feigning outrage regarding the accusation that his policies would destroy the economy.

These two politicians, Dodd/Frank, were championing the idea that the banks must lend money to people who had not demonstrated any way of paying it back.

These two used the power of government to make this idea a reality. These two forced the banks (yes, read EVIL wall Street bankers) to GIVE money to people by using federal regulations and threat of audits and law suits. These two, with an ensemble of usual suspects, were the architects of the economic collapse.  This whole subject is really not as complicated as the Left needs you to believe.

The only debate left is if these two, and their cohorts, DID IT ON PURPOSE.  The more you listen to the myriad soundbites and transcripts of Frank et al, the more one could/might think he did, in fact, do it on purpose.

The the real reason the current administration WILL NOT go after the EVIL BANKERS is that ultimately the blame will rest squarely on the shoulders of government.
And, any Liberal worth their salt can’t have that…