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She’s a Girl.

Please allow me to explain something…

It’s unreasonable to believe Hillary Clinton could understand all the extremely complicated, dare I say convoluted, rules and requirements associated with holding the office of Secretary of State.  She did the best she could.

She’s a Girl.

To think Mrs. Clinton is capable of operating more than one electronic communication device for Official Business and a separate such device for Personal use is foolish.

She’s a Girl.

If you’re appalled that the people she surrounded herself with did nothing to aid her in complying with security measures being practiced by all Government Employees holding a Secret clearance and above, then you must not be taking into account their fear of sudden irrational bursts of anger and acts vengeful retribution.

She’s a Girl.

Taking into consideration a natural disposition to be flighty and irresponsible it is no mystery why Hillary could decide to create a private server outside of secure Government channels in order to communicate with the State Department, friends and family simultaneously.

She’s a Girl.

To be surprised at this level of incoherence, incompetence and unaccountability only illustrates your personal level of denial.

She’s a Girl.

Finally, the ease of which she ‘misrepresents the truth’, regarding all the above matters, when it appears to suit her… demonstrates…

She’s a Girl.

And, She will get away with it… because she can’t be expected to know what’s she’s doing.

(Feel Free to substitute “a Girl” with; “Old”, “Senile”, “Socialist”, “Leftist”, “Enemy of the State” or “Smartest Person in the World”.)


The Handcuff Diet

Taking inspiration from my friends… and past personal experience, I have devised a new and seemingly foolproof diet.

Please put your hands together and Welcome the…

The Handcuff Diet!

Guaranteed to cause weight loss!

Here’s what you do:


Buy a pair of Handcuffs.  (Not the ones you keep next to the bed… I’m talking about Real Ones.  If you already have our previously suggested Serial Killer Kit, use the heavy duty zip ties.  If you followed our directions, it’s in your trunk.)


Cuff your hands behind your back.  (This is the only part you may request help if needed.  If you can’t see your genitalia… you’ll probably need help.)


Keep your hands cuffed behind your back until you have lost your desired amount of weight.  (Could be two weeks… could be two years.  It’s all up to You!)

That’s it!

So Simple even You can do it!

I know you’ll want to cheat.  But here’s the beautiful part;

Now when you find yourself in the line at McDonald’s ordering your between meal snack of a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Chicken McNuggets, Large Fry, Chocolate Shake and two Happy Meals for the kids you don’t have, (Needless to say, the drive-through is out unless you know how to drive a car with your hands cuffed behind your back… I’m sure a couple of you do…) this Diet adds just the right amount of difficulty.  Sure you can get to your wallet… and sure, you might be able to retrieve the bag from the counter… but finding the right place to dump the contents on the ground so you can shove your face in it takes time.

Of Course…

Delivery is always an option, but after a few of those the word get’s around… and even the delivery guys, as shady as they might be, are repulsed by a fat guy with several days of Pizza and Chinese smeared all over his face trying to get them to ‘reach into their back pocket’ to get paid.  I have some experience with this, but it’s the front pocket, still handcuffs and Chinese, but nothing to do with Food.  It led to the inspiring ‘past personal experience’ prompting this Revolutionary new way to eat…)

So join the fastest growing body of Federal ‘Residents’ who already know about this brand new approach to food!

The Time is Now!


You too can get the look of an Inmate!

Note:  The Handcuff Diet, Slap Diet, DESFM and Only Eat what You Kill Diet are Trademarks of WEREHERETOHELP LLC.  Other Collateral Materials such as the One Ingredient Cookbook and the Urban Game Hunting Guide are copyrights. Express permission must be obtained prior to use or duplication.

NSA has been hacking Chinese Computers for Years!

Well, I would hope so.

This will reside in the “So What?” category.  Who exactly was this message meant for, Chinese nationals in the Occupy Movement?

PRISM leaker and former NSA contractor Edward Snowden “revealed” this surprising bit of information today.

With STUNNING revelations such as these, the percentages are moving in favor of my Counter-Intel Op guess… sorry… theory.

The establishment is working diligently to undermine the believability associated with Snowden.  Now he seems to be working on doing the same thing.

So far, what secrets has he revealed?

Wait!  Wait!  Wait!

I have one!

The Chinese have been hacking U.S. Computers for Years!

No Way!  That’s unbelievable! Right?

Or… How about this one:

A lot of people look at porn on their computers!  And… And… And, they have done it FOR YEARS!

Holy Cow!  Who Knew?

It’s so ridiculous that this hacking revelation was offered up as a story it hurts my head.

I EXPECT the NSA to do, or try really, really hard darn it, to do exactly that.

I DO NOT EXPECT the NSA to collect American Citizens phone, e-mail, soon.. medical records, and place them in permanent storage for future reference.

Do we think the Chinese are stupid enough to want this guy now?

Do we think they are as imbecilic as the Iranians were when we sent them the stealth drone and they plugged it into their computer systems?

As far as Snowden is concerned… I’m done with him.  He served his purpose in disclosing the NSA’s improper, unconstitutional, and hopefully illegal behavior.

If he disappears I’m not sure that I will care very much.

Frankly, if he wants to make a point then come back to the U.S. and enjoy three squares a day while awaiting trial.  I might take his side… I might not.

Do the Chinese Care? Yet?

Below is a post published on 121212.  I thought it was worth looking at again considering the recent events in North Korea and our military build-up in the region.

On the heels of a successful ballistic missile launch by North Korea a couple of things occurred to me.

First, we had to let that launch happen to show the world, and those Liberals living in New York, that “Yes… the North Koreans do, in fact, have the ability to put a nuclear device on something and send it somewhere far away.”  So… now you know.

Second, China does not care. (At least not in the way we would like them to.)

It is not some intellectual feat to realize that the Chinese could stop North Korea from doing what it is doing at any time they wished. What might be puzzling is that the Chinese have nothing, in regard to technology, to glean from a sticks and stones program.

It is also not a leap to see that China views North Korea as part of what would be a Global China and meld seamlessly into their country.

They have an excuse to just take it… So what’s going on?

The Chinese have a serious problem on their hands. They need stuff for their people to do. “Serious” cannot be stressed enough in this context.

This is not a Western type problem where we argue about 3-4% differences in unemployment. They need tons of new jobs every month… every day. So much so that they have undertaken building Ghost Cities and Moving Mountains… literally.  If they don’t find things for their population to do they will have internal strife rarely matched in history… some of these things are already happening in the outlying areas of China.  When you don’t keep your people busy… and fed… they start sharpening the pitchforks.

So, do they really want another 30 Million people who need stuff to do?  (This aspect of how they Chinese treat North Korea occurred to me after reading a post by Sobpol: here.)  No, they don’t.  Revolution and rebellion is not fun for anybody.

So look at it this way, if the world decides to intervene in North Korea the Chinese can fire up the People’s Army… creating stuff for their people to do.  If they drag their feet a little and allow for some population reduction and general destruction in North Korea during such a military event all the better.  The Chinese know that whatever the outcome they will be the ultimate possessors of the northern peninsula with its newly created work projects, ports and resources.  They will easily be able to place themselves as the “peacemakers” and showing “extreme restrain” by not engaging those powers at war with the North Koreans.  Being allowed to walk into North Korea will be payment for not interfering… and they will need that as a promised outcome.  Time is on their side.

So don’t look to the Chinese to help with North Korea.  It is in China’s best interest to allow Un to hang himself… all of us to make a mess of the country… and them to clean it up… so to speak.