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I Find Your Lack of Intelligence… Disturbing.

My Apologies to Lord Vader..

How is it that those who practise genuine Free-Market Capitalism, in its purest form, can’t understand why Socialists Hate them?

Which brings us to a Flurry of Uber Arrests in Hong Kong.

I happen to have an answer…

Those practising Free-Market Capitalism, in its purest form, are a bunch of Democrat Socialist Tools.

This is the only explanation for the surprise experienced when Chinese Authorities Arrested Uber Drivers and those coordinating the Company’s efforts in Hong Kong.

For me this is a glaringly hilarious illustration of the ignorance of those who ‘Identify’ as Way Smart, Totally Cool, Progressives simply doing what any One World Collectivist Hipster would do, Download an app and make money Driving people around…. then be amazed that Big Labor Unions, Democrat Politicians and the Communist Chinese Government doesn’t go for it.

The fact they fail to understand what has happened is rich irony indeed.

If you’re reading this and I’ve made you angry, please think super hard as to why.

But don’t bother telling me about it.

I don’t care.

Because no matter what you say… it will remain funny.

The Master Religion

We did the Master Race…
Over 12 Million Dead.

We did the Master State…
Over 80 Million Dead.

Now we find ourselves at War with the Master Religion.
How many will have to die before we take it seriously?

We are witnessing the Death of Reason.

Because of this, we are seeing the Intellectually Handicapped attempting to revive the First two Ideologies which wrought profound Oppression, Destruction and Death upon Individuals Worldwide.

And we have ‘Leadership’ in the United States adopting a “Those Who Must Not Be Named” Foreign Policy as a best effort to confront this latest iteration of the Global Domination Game.

Until we embrace The Individual as the Ultimate Minority deserving the Ultimate Protection…

We are Doomed to repeat the error’s of the past.

It’s so Simple, it makes it Impossible to explain to all those whose lives these Master Ideologies will Destroy.

The Ethnic Excuse

Paving the way for Taking Taiwan…

(Originally posted 030314)

Excusing a Nation’s Projection of Power in order to “protect” Ethnic Groups has been used since Force was invented.

In the United States we are told, repeatedly, that Ethnicity does not matter… yet we’ve abandoned the Supremacy of the Individual and actively Demonstrated Race Does matter in our Hiring, Higher education admissions and Legal practices every day.

So how can we see it as a Ridiculous Reason to Invade another country?

Ethnic and Racial differences remain ingrained in the “Enlightened” European mind.  Racism is rampant and accepted.  These are the very same Europeans we are told we must emulate by Our Progressive Elitist class of Politicians.  (Yes, I’m referring to John Kerry et al.)  The very Europeans whom we are told have it all figured out.  The very Europeans who are surprised that anti-Semitism is exhibited not from “the far right” but by everyday “Liberal” people.

But the most interesting aspect is They see this Excuse being used by Putin as Reasonable, even Logical.  Protecting One’s Racial Heritage is as common as Hating the Other person’s.

Of course, this leads to problems.  Very serious problems.  It always has.

Once You accept this Excuse for Force as valid, as a Certain Harvard Russian Studies Professor has… sadly, you must look and see Who’s in the On-Deck position.

The most Obvious?


Followed by some other minor players… like Nepal, Moldova, Slovakia, the Baltic States, Quebec, South Korea, Kashmir, the list is endless…

I know, Canada wouldn’t be upset about Quebec.  They would probably welcome handing off the corruption and crumbling infrastructure to the French for while, until they gave up and handed it back.

But the point is We are Allowing a Precedent to be set.  How do you argue that National Sovereignty has any meaning when you fail to support those Nations you Promised to support should it be challenged?  We have already ceded an Ideological High Ground by sacrificing Ideology based on Freedom and Liberty of the Individual.  So What’s left?  Our Word?  What is that worth?


The Chinese Leadership are not stupid, they see clearly what is being illustrated by Putin’s efforts.

And I don’t find it a coincidence that Taiwan was not permitted to fly their flag during the Sochi Olympics.

Frankly, If I were sitting in Taiwan right now I’d be looking for the closest container vessel headed south.  Right Friggin’ now.

If you still don’t get it, it’s a 1936 redux.

Godwin’s Law be damned.

Hitler took most of Europe using the “We must Protect Ethnic Germans.” as his broadcasted excuse.  Actually he was stripping the resources of those countries for his own use… but that doesn’t Play in Peoria.  So he went with Uniting German’s.  Just sounds nicer.

We are not seeing anything New here.

And the latest Non-Aggression Pact between China and Russia simply assures both parties they will not have to reserve any troops for a second front.  It just makes things easier… having to worry about one less thing when you want to focus on taking stuff you think should be yours.

The question I have is why do we let Appeasers run our country?  (It’s a rhetorical question… They sound “nice” so we put them in charge.  It’s the “If we’re only more friendly” argument that passes for reason in the Visualize Whirled Peas circle.  It’s also an ongoing effort to repress the past lessons or attributing those events to lesser humans who happened to be in charge at the time.  This belief is often spoken in the words “That could never happen today.”)

What’s interesting is, it’s as if Putin’s Generals are saying “You know Vlad, That Austrian Guy with the silly mustache had it right… he just got in a hurry.”.  (There has been a question posed regarding Bush’s inaction on Putin’s invasion of Georgia and if that made Bush seem weak.  Yes.  It did.  But the question was offered up as moral relativity giving our current Administration’s inaction.  Sorry, but it was weakness on display under Bush just as it’s weakness on display under Obama.  It doesn’t matter who was displaying it.)

If I were leading what must now be considered only a “Resistance Movement” in Ukraine I would be finding every camera I could and begging as loudly as possible for U.S. and British help.  But it has become so fashionable for Europeans to blame their problems on the United States over the last several decades that it places them in an awkward position and makes it nearly impossible to overtly ask for our help.  Their ego may be their undoing.

This must come as a relief to the current Administration.

Those in charge will do anything to prevent the perception of this being an “East vs. West” thing.  And they will certainly not entertain anything as foolish as “Good vs. Evil”.

So What Do You Do when you pretty much agree with the Guy moving his troops across Europe?

We’re doing it.

We’ll be doing more of it as we watch Taiwan get “Protected”.

But of course, that could never happen today.

(I have intentionally used Race and Ethnicity interchangeably.  When it comes to the sacrifice of the Individual in favor of Balkanization they are the same thing.)

(Originally posted 030314)

A Time for War

We have reached a point that the Only way to Save the World is War.

The White House has made the case for Going to War in their latest Report.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory along with the University of California at Irvine calculated that the glaciers’ retreat may have already “reached the point of no return.”  THE POINT OF NO RETURN!

If we don’t Invade China, Mexico, India, Russia and the entirety of Africa, address overpopulation by annihilating their populations and then install Free-Market Capitalism  and Constitutionally Limited Governments while also eradicating Socialist Ideology from the face of the Earth every last human will perish because of Man Made Global Warming… Cooling… Climate Change… Climate Uncertainty… Inconsistency… Incontinence.

These Countries are the highest producers of CO2, the green house gas directly linked by consensus to Man Made Global Warming, and must be stopped Immediately… Forcefully… Violently.

Because of these Psychopathic Murderous Climate Offenders the Antarctic Ice Caps are melting and there is Nothing We can Do… nothing. NOTHING!  NOTHING!

If we don’t do this RIGHT NOW the first Catastrophe will be a 4ft to 10ft, may be even 100ft, rise in Sea Levels!  (Possibly even 1000ft or 2000ft or 1 Million Feet!  We could flood the moon! We just don’t know!)

I say;

Blood for Beaches!

I for one will Not Stand By living on a World that might not, possibly, be exactly in the same temperature range as it is right now… today… not yesterday or even a hundred years ago… but this very moment (I would want a consensus on that).

I Expect it to stay exactly as it is right now!  And I’m willing to kill to keep it that way!  (Not really, But I would absolutely ask those people in those CO2 Producing Countries to Kill Themselves.  Voluntarily.  Oh, and I prefer a temperature range between 75 and 84 degrees and sunny.  Calm winds.  Low Humidity.  No bugs… can we do something about bugs?  I hate bugs.)

Invasion is our only Hope!

The Earth Depends on it!

Polar Bears Depend on it!

Even you depend on it, not that you matter that much.

When we’re Finished with that…

The Sun is Expanding and We will all be Consumed by Fire, because Humans are Evil, Self-Centered, Greedy, Individualists.

Enter Podesta.

(I vote we throw in France to the above World War.  I realize they’re Nuclear, but it would be easy added value.)

Can we at least get a selfie with a Pound Sign followed by something clever scribbled on a piece of paper?

Dear Harry…

Now is your opportunity to attack the Old Cowboy who Embarrassed you!

In case you missed it, Clive Bundy used the word “Negro” when pointing out that African-Americans have been getting the shaft for hundreds of years in this country.

You, Harry, can finally make amends for your statement “… Obama, as a black candidate, could be successful thanks, in part, to his “light-skinned” appearance and speaking patterns “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.””

While we all knew exactly what you meant, being the bigot you are… The public will have to decide exactly what Bundy meant.  I view Bundy in much the same light as McCarthy… yep, he’s an A-Hole but was he wrong?  Nope… African-Americans are being subjected to a new form of Slavery when people like you, Harry, shut down the Best Schools which they want their kids to attend and create policies which destroy jobs they might want, etc. etc. etc.  And, Hollywood was Indeed full of Communists… as it still is.


Back to your Embarrassment.

When you, Senator, stated that the Protestors in Utah are “Domestic Terrorists” followed by the assertion that “If these people are Patriots we’re all in trouble“, You’re only half right.

While I understand how frustrating it can be to draw plans and make Huge promises to Big Solar Corporations, and Countries like China, which requires the population doing exactly what you say, I also understand how it could be Embarrassing to have a few hold outs who simply cannot be controlled leading your friends to wonder what power you really have.

As far as you being Half Right, you’re Correct in your assertion that all Socialists, like you, are in trouble when the population resists your designs and your “administration” by force.

It’s worth reminding you that the events which occurred over the last several weeks have been non-violent… at least on the protestors part. It’s difficult to say that on the BLM Commandos part as electrocuting people and killing a man’s cattle might be considered “violent” by reasonable minds.

As far as your deeply felt concern that citizens are MIRRORING the show of force being applied to them… I don’t know how to help you. You certainly know that’s the reason the Second Amendment exists, not duck hunting, Which, of course, is why you Hate it.

For the record;

Violence should be avoided at all costs… by the Citizens most assuredly, but by the Government absolutely.

I’m not sure this is a debate you really want.  But you may not be of right mind.

Most of us out here do not see the Bundy’s as Hero’s, Patriots, or anything else. But what we Do see is an Overreaching, ever increasingly Oppressive Government with people like you at the Helm.

So please keep drawing attention to yourself as it’s useful putting a face on Socialism and how it directly affects each and every one of us.

As far as the Old Cowboy, it seems like you two have more in common than not.

Harry, Get over your being Embarrassed by Clive.

It sounds like time for you two to have a Beer Summit and talk about the plight of the Negro in Modern America.  (And you don’t have to employ a Negro dialect… unless you want to.)

Blaming China

…for our failure to Embrace Capitalism?

I will remind you that China is the only reason we are doing as well as we are right now.

I know, I know.  They manipulate their currency!

Surprise! They always have.  I didn’t say trust them… But…

What do you think we, the U.S., are doing when The Fed Magically comes up with freshly printed money and pushes it into the market calling it “Quantitative Easing”?  Yes… that is currency manipulation.  And that’s just one of the ways WE do it.  Don’t act naive.

They take advantage of their workers!  Sometimes, yes.  That is a price they will have to pay down the road.  It’s the way it works, free-trade will always level the playing field without any planners help.  But for now, it is keeping them from an internal civil war… which would lead to the need to create a feeling of National Pride… and the quickest way to do that while keeping those currently in power, in power, is to… anyone, anyone?  Bueller?

Let’s spell this out in the simplest terms.

China makes stuff we like.  It’s often good stuff… because if it wasn’t, we wouldn’t buy it.  The Freedom to Choose is a beautiful thing.  It promotes the best products at the lowest prices making everyone’s lives better.

China is buying our Crappy Debt.  This keeps our economy going.  Nothing else.

China buys some of our stuff, just not as much as we would like. But who’s to blame for that when we don’t make much anymore…

And, drumroll please…… we don’t make much anymore because it too damn expensive to make stuff here.  The reason it’s too damn expensive to make stuff here is because labor costs too much.  (Gasp!) The reason labor costs too much is because of Unions.  The reason Unions are at fault is they prevent the market from determining the prevailing wage by bullying of business and promotion of minimum wage laws.  The Reason jobs go other places; from new York to new Jersey, from Texas to Monterrey, from the U.S. to China is because Living Wage/Minimum Wage laws and Unions make it too expensive to make whatever product it is in the previous place.  In other words, the outright denial and refusal to recognize basic rules of economics kills employment opportunity in one place and creates opportunity in the place the market is allowed to work…

We seem to be doing everything we can to destroy Capitalism.  We’ve been doing this for a very long time.  Given the American determination, when we set our minds to something… we get it done.

WE are destroying this country.

WE are responsible for the state of affairs we are in.

WE are overseeing the decline of the freest country on the planet.

And, by our continued support of Socialism… We are cheering all of it on.

So stop Blaming China for our Failure to Embrace that which made us Great.

If this hits too close to home and you simply can’t question your personal beliefs leaving you in a state to hate someone other than yourself…

Blame Iceland.

Blame Greenland.

Blame Malta.

Blame Tibet…

All are equally as guilty as China.  Actually, more so because they are not propping up what’s left of the U.S.

In the end it’s OUR failure to understand the only thing that makes, or made, the United States Unique in the World.


Bare in mind, I’m not a Sinophile.  There are plenty of things to blame China for, or at least to use as bright, shining, examples of “What Not to Do, Ever”.  But these things revolve around Socialism… and when you’re busy giving Socialism a big sloppy wet kiss… you’re just not interested in hearing about how the story always ends.

Besides… they make nothing worth drinking.

(Originally Posted 101912)

The Langoliers

(Update:  Has anyone checked with the Somali’s?)

So What Exactly did happen to Flight 370?

Is it possible to make an entire airplane disappear?

Sure it is! I’ve watched David Copperfield do it! OK… may be not. But let’s play Conspiracy Theory!  (You have to say that out loud and draw out the vowels in an extra creepy voice for full effect.  Try it again.)

Much Better.

Now, how do we make a plane disappear?

I’ll leave the Time Eating Monsters to King.

Quantum Teleportation?  Sounds cool right?

Now your probably thinking I’m going to tell you that you can make an entire plane disappear… nope.  But, but, but… you could “defeat the air gap” sending information into the plane’s computer system.  A Quantum Scrambler so to speak.  But that would just make it crash.  Why would you do that unless you were trying to make a point?  Who would want to make that kind of point?

Angry Ex-Wife?

Wouldn’t be the first time.  Speaking of which…

Directed Energy Weapons?

Electro-Magnetic Pulse… We’re all working on it.  May be someone figured it out and has it deployed… Anybody have a large Fleet, or ex-spouse, in the area?  That too would make a point And allow for the plane doing whatever it supposedly did before disappearing.  But that could mean War, and that’s serious…

How about Clowns?

Probably unlikely… but I Hate Clowns, and they are the root cause of All Things Bad.  So it’s possible.  But they usually just steal stuff…


Why?  Does anyone think the Chinese are going to pay One Red Yuan for the 20 some Chinese businessmen on board.  To Where?  Even a 777 can’t fly far enough in that part of the world to get anywhere someone would Want to Go.  Unless you enjoy living in places with Malicious Monkeys…


Someone would have called by now… to claim their place in history.  And… the 777 comes up-armored from the factory.  Unless they used Gas…  Hmmm…  A disgruntled Ex-Boeing Employee?  An Employee named David?


As I mentioned, only David Copperfield can do it and he wasn’t aboard.  As far as we know…. actually he’s sitting right here next to me, so I know.  That would be impossible…

Flying Monkeys?

I think this is one of the better theories.  There are a LOT of Monkeys where the plane was flying from.  And… the plane WAS flying.  So… Flying Monkeys.  And They always got the crappy jobs…

The Pilots went on Strike and walked off the Job?

Think about how bad your work environment would have to be to make That kind of Statement.  It must have been terrible.

The Pilots were kidnapped by Flying Monkeys dressed like Clowns so no-one would be suspicious…  all under the employ of Al Qaeda who are angry because of the incessant delays in the Obamacare roll out?

We figured it out!  Simple enough for most of our Network News Correspondents to believe, and easily readable on a teleprompter.

Of course all this is ridiculous and,

All in 500 words or…

Libertarian Dissonance

Or, Who are We?

Over the last 72 hours I’ve heard a growing number of TEA Party Conservative Types trying to square their Libertarian views with what’s going on in Europe.

The dilemma seems to be the Libertarian Ideal of Non-intervention versus the United States’ promises which have been made through Treaties.

I confess… After, After, After being Anti-Socialist, I’m more Libertarian than anything else. Even so, I believe we must honor those commitments made through treaty. It’s True I’m not interested in being the world’s policeman, and I would work diligently to remove the United States from many of the commitments we have made decades past, but until that happens we must honor those we’ve made.

The reason I feel this way is we have nothing on the World stage if not our word.  And I guarantee there will be times we need those who have made agreements with us, the U.S., to honor Their promises.

So here we are… today… facing What it Is, not What we may Wish it to be.

The desire to not intervene is understandable…

Once upon a time, The United States stood for Liberty and Freedom of the Individual. It was a radical idea born out of the Enlightenment. This idea led to the formation of a Nation governed by Law instead of Men.  We used to want Other’s to have Individual Freedom and Liberty…

We used to have a Mission.  But we have wandered far from those ideals once at the forefront of our Foreign Policy and most importantly our Domestic Policy.

Because of that I can relate to those out there who believe we need to focus on our own home-grown problems at this point in time.


Do I want to run around the world and commit Men and Material in defense of people I do not know, who apparently don’t like us?  No, I don’t.

I would prefer Countries in need of our help ask us directly… that would be the alternative to treaties as far as I’m concerned. You need us? Just Yell so Everyone can hear you.  If you decide to champion Freedom and Liberty of the Individual, we’ll help.  If not, you’re on your own.  Good Luck.

But those are not the circumstances at the moment.  We have Obligations, whether we like them or not.

But that really isn’t the issue in my opinion.

The Real Problem is what makes us any different from those we wish to oppose?

That should be the Primary Question facing all of us as we watch Russia “take back” what they believe to be theirs.

What do we stand for?

Why Should the Ukraine, or any other Nation for that matter, ask for our help?

What do we represent that is worth those in other Countries to risk dying for?

These are not rhetorical questions… I’m not sure I know anymore. And I don’t think they do either, which may be why they’re not asking for our help.

All of this aside, promoting a position of standing aside because of Libertarian principles, or because you might enjoy this current Administration looking like Fools (Which they most certainly do…) is to allow those who see the faults of Communism/Socialism to remain Slaves of it.

At the End of the Day I am Anti-Socialist first. All other things second. I am not interested in giving anything to Socialists, Ever. Ever.

I hope there will be more Thinking about where this is all headed and less Reveling in the Mess created by Progressive Buffoons.  Yes, they’re idiots who cause more problems than they solve… so vote accordingly.  Right now we have a problem and it has to do with the disappearance of American Exceptionalism.

(I will issue only one warning… there will be those Progressive-Liberal Republicans like McCain and Graham out on the networks hoping to win favor with people like me.   They will not. They are a distinction without a difference when it comes to Socialism. Their time, that should never have come, is past.)

The events we’ve seen unfolding over the last several years from Georgia to Syria to Cyprus to Ukraine… to Russian Destroyers in Cuba to North Korea getting the Nuke and the Means to send it, to China poking Japan and promising to “unify” Taiwan and on and on… all leads to it “not being okay”.

There is a War going on.

All is not Calm.

And if we don’t take a position the rest of the world hears and understands clearly, all will not be calm.

What Position will that be?

What will we Stand Tall for?

(As an Aside:  The Libertarians have a similar problem with Immigration.  Ideally we are Open Borders.  The Problem is the Poison Pill of the Entitlement State.  Too many of us fail to recognize a Trap even when it is made By Fools.  Which makes Us Fools.  That’s why we must Makeaneffort.)

Apparently I need to Eat some White Crow

To My One Reader,

Please forgive Me.

Everything is Fine… Nothing to see here!

Judging by the News this Morning (030414) everything is A-OK on the Eastern Front.


The Ukrainian Troops are Surrendering En Mass and The Markets are happy… it’s all cool, right?

Not to mention,  Surrendering is Very Cool!  Just ask the French or Establishment Republicans.

Just between you and Me, I Hope Vlad can keep up this level of Gentle Diplomacy throughout Eastern Europe. (BTW – I understand a great number of Ethnic Russian’s live in the Detroit area. Lord knows they could use some help. There’s even a Port! And, I’m willing to bet if Soviet troops started to seize the airfields no one would notice.)


As long as it doesn’t affect me it’s all good.

I apologize to everyone for my getting upset about Russian Expansionism. Clearly I overreacted because if there Were an issue it would still be front page news. I’m just Glad John Kerry’s arrival in Kiev put a stop to what was evidently a non-issue.  Thanks John Kerry.  I knew you’d be the Perfect Secretary of State.

I also want to commend China in their latest deployment of Medium Range Missiles that can reach Guam. I fully understand how difficult it can be deploying a brand new platform.  And, I Hate Snakes.  Well Done guys!

So again, I’m sorry.  I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry.

Please accept this apology for my Hysteria.

And, I do not think Taiwan will end up a full-fledged part of China tomorrow. Definitely not tomorrow.  Possibly by April… but definitely not tomorrow.

Yours Truly,


Since Our Acting Foreign Policy is to Ignore those who Want Freedom and Liberty

Let’s make it Official.

We’ve already handed over Georgia and Syria to the New Soviets, we might as well let them have the Ukraine. We should probably think about Moldova, Hungary, The Czech Republic and Slovakia as well as the rest of Eastern Europe.

We might seriously consider handing the entirety of Germany back… it just doesn’t seem Fair that they didn’t get the whole thing in the first place. I know… I know… Germany might not go for that, but at least we could let the World know we would be OK with it and if Germany wants to fight they’ll be on their own.  Hell, throw in Greece… they can’t do any worse.  And, it’s about time France and Italy learn how to defend themselves.

We’ve already ignored those wanting Freedom in Iran in 2008… even though we urged them for 30-years Rise Up against Tyranny.

They did… We didn’t.  So why the pretense now?  Send the Iranian Mullahs plans for a Real Nuke, and toss in some cutting edge crowd control devices, then be done with it.

North Korea?  Who Cares?  Our South Korean Ambassador has probably never been to South Korea anyway…  And shouldn’t there really be just One Korea?


Let China have it… to paraphrase the Greatest Secretary of State the U.S. has ever had; “At this point what difference does it make?”  Oh, and China acts like they want Africa too… Good with Me.

Venezuela… Surely with enough Wax and American Ingenuity we could resurrect Chavez…

We might as well turn all Shipping Security over to the Somalis.  All of it… World Wide.

Latin America?  Where are the Sandinistas when you need them?  We should get the CIA on that… BATFE could supply Them with weapons purchased in Arizona.

Cuba?  You know the Cuban’s have always had their eye on South Beach.  That could be fun to watch.  If they do decide to take South Beach they’ll need a new prison… so throw in Gitmo.

Israel?  Seriously?

There you go…

A Real Foreign Policy built on the Progressive Wisdom of French and German Intellectuals.

It requires very little effort and is extremely easy to implement.  The World will finally like us!

With all the time We save we can dismantle everything else that works here at home..

What about Afghanistan you ask?  Well… we should keep that.  If that were an issue we would be hearing about it from the Anti-War crowd complete with pictures of caskets returning home, so clearly it’s OK to keep that running.

Does this all sound ridiculous?

It is.