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Children… the Path to Poverty.

I was going to offer up a very serious, detailed and heavily researched essay on this… fact.

However, I’m now three full days deep into metrics regarding who collects welfare, when and how much followed by success rates (long-term employment, earnings and marital status) of individuals 10, 20 and 30-years after having received public assistance surrounding children, it becomes such Obvious Fact that it seems unnecessary to waste the time tapping it out.  Additionally, given the amount of information available showing exactly this but not stating it directly, it appears everyone already knows it.  And yet…

Such is the epidemic of this Destructive Element dragging people helplessly into Abject Poverty, I am going to throw my hands up and get drunk, which is what everyone else has clearly done.

But even Drunk… I now have a boat load of evidence demonstrating that children ruin people’s lives as well as the lives of others who are then expected to support them for poor folks who own them.  They are Black Holes of Self-Sufficiency and Fiscal Solvency.

I’m with Bill Gates on this one, the pathway out of Poverty is Chickens.

If Children are our Future, we’re screwed.



Greek Financial Minister (The latest one) has threatened to move Greece to the Bitcoin should the EU not provide them with ‘a deal’.

Let me catch you up…

The Leftists in Greece were recently defeated and replaced by other Leftists. The ‘New’ Leftists do not want to pay their bills (Loans taken from the EU that went to fund Greek welfare and Government Spending). It’s worth noting that the ‘Old’ Leftists also did not want to make payments on the loans taken to fund their spending habits… but… they committed the unforgivable error of agreeing to a payment plan as well as a plan to (gasp!) cut spending in order to assure the repayment plan could be honored.


I want to parallel something happening here in the U.S. Why? because it illustrates a fascinating disconnect found uniquely among Leftist Progressive Socialists.

Student Loans.

There is a terrific image floating around the Internets of a young woman holding a sign which reads “Debt is Slavery!”.

But the argument she wishes to convince you of is those who attended College, using your money, should not be required to repay the loans they previously agreed to pay.

So let me catch you up…

College tuition has skyrocketed due entirely to a flood of Government Subsidies in the form of Grants and… Cheap Government Backed Student Loans.  (As we know, anytime you subsidize something the price goes Up.  The market distortion created by Government interference is no longer debatable by sound minds.  Please refer to the Housing Bubble and it calamitous effect on our, and the world’s, economies.)  So those young people, who have been fed the idea a college education is a guaranteed ticket to Success, take out massive loans to fund their ‘Education’.

Now they have Debt… Now they are ‘Slaves’.  By Choice.

I’m not sure how making bad decisions amounts to a Guaranteed ticket to Success.

Which, brings me back to Greece!

These two seemingly disparate examples have a common connection.

Liberal Progressive Socialists believe they should Never bear Personal Responsibility for their Decisions.


And because of this belief, they Feel They should not be required to pay back the money They begged someone else to give them so They could buy what They wanted when They wanted it.  (In the case of Greece, a massive welfare system allowing the perpetuation of a less that productive lifestyle Greeks seem to take pride in.  In the case of Liberal Students, a University level Education which supposedly assured them a massive income… according to someone, somewhere.)

And both parties Employ the deeply heartfelt idea of ‘Fairness’ to justify their desire Not to pay their bills.

So let’s recap…

They want Something.

They Beg Someone Else to provide them the Money to Have it.

When the Bill comes Due They decide it’s not Fair.

They Don’t Want to Pay back the Money They were Loaned.

They Refuse to Pay Back the Money They Took.

In terms of Greece… that leaves only the EU taxpayers on the hook with no recourse.

In terms of the U.S… that leaves only the American Taxpayer on the hook with no recourse.

Both are examples of Theft.

Doubt me?

Try this at a Restaurant.  Or, a Gas Station.  Or, a Clothing Store.

The most interesting aspect of this…

Both parties, the People of Greece and the Woman with the Sign, are like Children lobbying You, the people paying the bills, to give them permission to steal… from you, the people paying the bills.

I realize the Objective Media points this out all the time and I’m simply being redundant.

What?  They Don’t?  Maybe you should be asking “Why?”

So back to Bitcoin… and Greece…

When I read the above headline I had to chuckle.  While years of accepting the validity of Socialism is how you get to this point, the threat is hilarious.

I have nothing against Bitcoin, but Bitcoin does not alleviate one’s requirement to pay their bills.  It’s actually quite the opposite.  If I were the EU, after picking myself up off the floor from the hysterical laughing, I would suggest they make that move ASAP.  If there were ever a lesson in personal responsibility, it would be embracing a currency you have no ability to print more of whenever you choose.

This would be a great lesson for the U.S. too.

International Redistribution

What’s the Question?

Socialists don’t just support, and force, redistribution from one individual to another… they support, and force, the redistribution of our income from our country to others.

It’s happening right in front of us.

The crisis on the border and the flood of illegal aliens into the United States unobstructed by our Federal Government is by design. If President Obama cannot directly send money (which we do not have) to the countries of his choice he will bring the citizens of those countries here to hook them up on our social welfare programs.

The new Democrat voting base and Union Dues which find their way into Voting Boothes and into Democrat Campaign Coffers are just added value.

This is not complicated.

While denying that this is the intent, the administration continues to do it right in front of us. The Obama Administration and the Democrat party has adopted the FU strategy when it comes to governing. In other words, ‘We’re not doing what you think we’re doing… and even if we are, FU!’  It is Machiavellian in the purest form.

The Progressives are destroying this country.

This is not hyperbole. Again… it’s happening right in front of you. The Socialist Left see that their time may be short and have accelerated their push to tear down as much of what’s left of this country as founded as they can. They know full well that the public is catching on to what they’ve been doing for the last 7 decades. Obama has simply moved faster with the ‘fundamental transformation of America’ than any President in recent memory thus mandating the need to ‘grab as much as you can’ before his party is kicked out of power.

If you’re reading this shaking your head and thinking I’m overstating the drive behind the current President and his Party…

Then ask yourself;

Do you really think they would be risking their own fortunes and lives by promoting, facilitating and embracing the Flood of Illegals into the US along with the diseases and crime commiserate to such unchecked migration?

Do you think the people who have anointed themselves smarter than you in every way have forgotten why Ellis Island existed in the first place?

Do you actually believe these geniuses view the creation a brand new entitlement class will improve the economic health of the United States?

But the question that encapsulates all of this is… Do you really think they would be doing any of this if it wasn’t Ideologically Driven?

No. Of course Not.

But that’s the evil that drives them. Their Socialist Ideology and their innate desire to turn the United States into a purely Socialist state, by whatever name they want to call it, is what’s in play.

There is a War underway, and We The People are losing.

(Unenforced Immigration Laws Driving Border Crisis – Breitbart)


‘The Border is Under Control…’

According to Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas).

I’m not sure what to say except these are the people which we elect to Represent us. I suppose it could depend on the meanings of the words; “The”, “Border”, “is”, “Under” and “Control”. Quick, Someone get President Clinton on the phone… he may be able to translate Ms. Lee’s statement utilizing his well documented, and truly amazing, powers of interpretation.

Unless… she is stating that the flood of illegal immigrants has been by design.

Hail Satan

I can’t get my own posts out because Snake won’t stop writing great ones… Hail Snake!

Must We be Skeptical of Everything?!

…Asks the Media.

-Yes. That is your Job.

But that would take forever! We would have to devote people to do nothing else! We can’t possibly check out every story and bit of news for its validity!

-It is your Job.

But some things we just know to be true… why should we waste our time and resources on verifying stories that we simply know to be accurate? That would be stupid!

-It is your Job.

If we took the time to do what you’re saying we are supposedly supposed to do we would never have a story out in a timely fashion… it would just take too long.

-It is your Job.

What’s the harm in running a story that makes you feel good, or not running one that doesn’t?

-If it’s not true, then it is a lie.  Not running it is the same.  Regardless of how it might make us feel.  Truth… It is your Job.

You just need to trust us to know what’s fit for your consumption. We are Professionals.

-Are you?


-I’m suggesting exactly that.  Are you doing your Job?


-What Problem is that?


-Hmm… I don’t think so. But if you think so you could research it and provide some credible proof. It is your Job.


-Is this your Job?

155,000,000 Dependants

Or… The 47%.

I’ve scheduled an appointment with my CPA to discuss my 2012 Tax deductions.

I will now be claiming 155,000,000 dependants.

I’m also going to look into writing off their:





Medical Expenses.

(And this year… Phones and Homes.)

I’m not entirely sure but I expect I could have some carry-over loss for 2013.

I would also like to claim day-to-day living expenses for my dependants, considering they are all living under my “roof” so to speak,  I don’t think there is a provision for it… but I’m going to check.

Can’t be too careful!

I never want to take tax deductions for anything I don’t deserve, so if I happen to attract the attention of the IRS I’m ready to explain that it is my deepest wish all of my Dependants move out from under my wing and become productive, useful members of our society.  Everyday I try to lead by example and teach them the ways of the world.  Sometimes my youngest ones seem to get it, sometimes they don’t.  I’ve almost given up on my oldest.  But, I only wish for them the best with all of my heart.

The only reason I share this is tax time is just around the corner… and I expect an unusual amount of paperwork could be associated with my taxes this year.

This might be the case for you as well.

But remember, family comes first.  So be sure to take make some quality time with your family for the Holidays.  May be five minutes for each person you provide care for…

That should carry me through the year 9384.

Better get started on both.

Here We Go…

In a Matter of Hours we are going to know who our next President of the United States will be.

What should we expect from the current President between now and January 20th?

What you will see is a flood of new regulations with the most onerous environmental ones being saved until the vary last minute of Barack Obama’s tenure. This is what Bill Clinton did in his last days as President and will be his recommendation for this outgoing President.

So why after 4-years in office with 2 of those years possessing super majorities in both houses would Obama wait until the last-minute to create new regulations supposedly designed to make the air and water cleaner… workers safer… cars safer and more fuel-efficient… while punishing Evil Banks and Big Oil? Because these new regulations will be so destructive… so prohibitive to carry out… so expensive that the Romney Administration will be forced to repeal them immediately thus giving the Leftists issues on which to accuse Republicans of “hating the environment… workers… old people and puppies”.

Bill Clinton did this with a flurry of new regulations that were absolutely impossible to implement let alone enforce. These reg’s were passed on his very last day (Along with a some extremely questionable pardons… if memory serves.) in order to tie the hands of incoming President Bush and force him to repeal them… to a cacophony of screams from the Socialists that Bush hated your children and wanted them to drink dirty water and breathe dirty air. Nevermind that he and his family breathed and drank the same air and water.  Clearly he hated them too.  The Left will revel in Obama’s brilliance, just as they did Clinton’s, while the adults in the room will have to figure out a way to teach those wishing to be serious individuals what is really going on.

I bring this up to reiterate a point made earlier… it’s not over once Romney wins. It will never be over as long as there are people out there who firmly believe the ends justify the means and you need them to make decisions for you because you’re too stupid to make them for yourself.

If you know it’s coming, it’s easier to spot… and easier not to fall for it over and over. We need to prepare ourselves and help our friends who pay a little less attention to such things see through the Machiavellian Machinations used by those who wish to control us all.

On November 8th start paying very close attention to the Senate and Harry Reid as well as Nancy Pelosi in the House.  Begin watching what they are doing and be quick to ask “why”.  The Liberals will not go quietly into the night.  They will pull out all the dirty tricks they can think of… remember when the children of the Clinton Administration popped all the “W” keys off of the computer keyboards before the incoming Bush Administration got there?  (Tee Hee…)

When I say Children… I mean it.  The Left has, and will continue to, earn the moniker.

They’re certainly not above it…

Just watch.

No Hysteria, No Sugar.

I have a real issue with “puffing” the truth in order to get into my pockets. I genuinely hate it when it’s the government because I don’t get to say “No.” At least when it’s some sales charlatan (which I have been one…) I can refuse to purchase whatever they are peddling.

The reason for this post is I want to share a few of my latest aggravations.

The first is the apparent explosion of Autism in the United States. I’ve had numerous conversations with friends of mine who have children with Autism as well as looked into the statistic myself. There is no doubt that it exists and always has existed. But the last part of that sentence seems to get overlooked.
Many of the medically diagnosed Autism cases are “redefinitions” of what was previously considered Mental Retardation or “MR” in today’s politically correct speech. In other words, these cases have existed all along.
The other interesting aspect to this “epidemic” is that educators have been given the power to diagnose… not Medical Doctors, Psychiatrists or Psychologists. Allow me to repeat that… Government School Teachers can determine if your child is Autistic.
And finally, all of the numbers that are currently being used to “substantiate” this new phenomenon were extrapolated from a single county outside of Atlanta. (Do not take my word for this. Drill down through every citation that the “reputable” articles offer and you will ultimately be lead to this county.
So why would teachers be given the ability to diagnose Autism in children?
Because there is a ton of money associated with what are called “special needs children”. The Federal Government sends funding directly to the schools based on the number of these children they (the school) determines they have.
Anything wrong with that picture? And is it any surprise that the cases of Autistic kids would explode?
I don’ think so… I think I pretty much get it.
The CDC has good information but declares right up front (ADDMs page 7) that they are unsure if the increase in diagnosis is due to “widening the spectrum” of what is considered Autism.  This means adding children who would have otherwise, or were otherwise diagnosed with MR or related disabilities.
Has anyone shared any of this with you?
Probably not… what we get instead is a constant dose of how the odds are 1 in 110 kids will be diagnosed with Autism… some by Doctors and many by public school teachers.
There are also the advocacy groups… where are They on this you might ask?

Well, while I completely respect the very good work they do they also need money. In fact, once you create an organization it seems your costs always go up… always. They have no reason to confront such ridiculous claims. Actually, they run with these numbers too. It literally pays them to scare the bejesus out of parents and grandparents and anyone else who doesn’t hate kids. The way they see it, the ends justifies the lying. Someone, somewhere, six citations away said it’s true… it benefits us… good enough, it’s true. Run with it. May the checks flow in!

Enough on Autism because I want to complain about Starvation… in the U.S.

What? You didn’t know we had starving children in the U.S. Well we don’t. If anything the children in the U.S. are exploding… So now we have food insecure children in the U.S. This is a classic example of creating an organization when we did indeed have rural areas where starvation could occur due to logistic and economic issues surrounding food. These same areas had known poverty at a level that precluded food stuffs from being accessible. Through hunger organization efforts these problems have been remedied. But these organizations continue to get bigger in size and expense without the correlating need. So they have decided to “redefine” the problem so they can continue to frighten those who don’t pay attention and live to elevate themselves above the rest of us by throwing your donated money (after “expenses”) at problems that don’t actually exist.  They have even been able to get the Ad Council to run billboards stating that 1 out of 5 children are “Food Insecure”.  That’s 20% of our children to you and me… and what the heck does insecure mean?  Did they approach children before lunch and ask them what they were having and if the said “I’m not sure” the box “Food Insecure” was checked?  Does anyone ever ask these questions?  It’s painful.
So now our obesity epidemic caused, arguably, by easy access to calorie dense food must be repositioned as a “food insecurity” problem. just so these organizations don’t have to stop hiring people or stop handing out raises.  Amazing…
These are just a couple of examples but there are many more. (Radon, Lead Paint, Dietary Fiber, Low Fat, Man Made Global Warming etc.)  When you start looking at the actual data suddenly a very different picture emerges.  (“Science is doubting what the experts think.” – Richard Feynman)
All I know is that if there ain’t no hysteria, there ain’t no sugar.

I’m having an alcohol insecurity problem right now… I’m going to go seek safety.