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Even 4-year-olds Realize Something Must be Done

(While We Never Recommend such Direct Action… the desperation displayed by this young person that Something Must be Done certainly illustrates the depth of concern being experienced by all of us.)

The Secret Service scrambled this afternoon at an unidentified 4-year-old managed to climb under a White House fence.

“4 year old child climbed under temporary bike rack along PA Ave. Child was fine and was safely reunited with parents,” Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary told the White House pool reporter.

An earlier pool report detailed the scramble:

“Pool loaded the vans at 12:38 pm and motorcade is rolling at 12:51 pm to an undisclosed location.

“As the pool was initially gathering at the north doors of the Palm Room, security agents suddenly rushed to the north lawn with their weapons drawn and pool was told to get back inside. It turned out to be a non-incident, in which an individual jumped over the small bike fence outside the White House gate. After a few moments, pool was able to gather again. Your pooler has reached out to Secret Service for more details.”

Then came the update: “Update on brief security scramble at the White House prior to departure: It was just a child.”


(Update:  We erroneously believed the child was upset about how the Country was being run.  However, It has been learned that the parents recently subscribed to cable TV and have been watching old Television Shows with the Child.  According to the Parents the Child simply wanted JJ, Lurch and State Department Spokesperson Chrissy Snow’s Autographs.  We apologize for the error.)