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It’s Never that Their Ideas are Bad…

It’s that Their Ideas are Never Bad Enough.

So, They Demand More of the Same Bad Ideas.

In Fact… As Much More as They can get you to Let Them Do.

Adding to the long list such as Poor Student Performance resulting in a cry for yet More Taxpayer Money directed to ballooning Public School Administrators salaries, and Union Pensions for Educators who can never be fired, neither of which result in teaching Kids…

And the Destruction of Free-Market Health Care and Health Insurance… when the VA has demonstrated what happens when Government Bureaucracy, and the Unaccountability commiserate with it, are in charge of human lives and taxpayer dollars.

Now comes along the Mayor of Chicago Demanding More Gun Control in one of the most heavily controlled states in the Union.

Damn the evidence that a well armed populace is an immediate deterrent to Thugs who look to project their power, and infringe on your Liberty and Freedom through the use of Force and a Firearm…

Damn the daily proof that Gun Control only control’s those who seek to follow the Law in the First Place…

And Damn the statistics which show escalating loss of life in exactly those areas where Firearms are most heavily regulated… cities, schools and ‘gun-free’ zones.

You might be thinking ‘Why would people I respect demand more of what doesn’t work?’.

Simply put, demanding more of what doesn’t work does two things.  First it allows the person making the demand appear to care about solving the problem.  Second, and most importantly, it prevents other ideas which could illustrate the fundamental failure associated with all things socialist to be tried.

By demanding more failure, the individual doing the demanding attempts to secure the position of caring more about the issue than you do while protecting the socialist control their fellow travelers have achieved over the course of decades.

In other words,

Is our Prescribed Medicine making you Sick?

Then Double the Dosage and Don’t call us in the Morning.

(…but keep sending us money and voting for us.)

We’ll feel better for it.


National Guard on the Streets of Chicago?

And it’s not because of a Natural Disaster…

Who’s in Charge over there?!

Does Chicago have a Mayor?!

Does Chicago have a Police Force?!

If the National Guard goes in will it be limited to the Illinois National Guard?!

Does Illinois and Chicago expect the rest of us to Pay For It?!

Does Chicago have Any Money?!

Who let this go for so long as to need The Military to fix it?!

How did this Happen?!

Who’s Been in Charge all these Years?!

Do the Powers that Be honestly expect the Countries Son’s and Daughters to put their Lives on the Line for Chicago?!

Can We Afford yet Another War?!

If this Happens, What’s Our Exit Strategy?!

(I’m sure all f these questions will be asked by every Major News Network.  NBC will probably lead the way…)

Birds of a Feather…

Taking a cue from the Muslim Brotherhood, the Occupy movement (what is left of it) has decided to get hair cuts and “disguise themselves in business attire” in order to gain access to mainstream society. And just like the Brotherhood, they have no intention of joining the society of productive citizens, instead they wish to change it into something else.
Where the Muslim Brotherhood have an edge on the Occupiers is that they have a plan… The Occupiers are still living in the basements of their parents homes, eating their food, playing video games and surfing porn.
This above is what elevates the Muslim Brotherhood to serious consideration (granted, serious terrorist a-holes) versus the ridiculous, aimlessly wandering poseurs known as Occupy.
It should also be noted that the Occupiers had a protest over the weekend. Missed it? Yeah, so did everybody else.  Using Paul Krugman’s logic, at least it created “work” for those having to clean up after them.
It will be interesting to see how these 20-somethings deal with the early onset of impotence. (I’m not sure they make a pill for this yet.  Or may be that’s what Xanax is for.)
Another organization they share something with is the Chicago Teachers Union who are attempting to extort more money from an already bankrupt City while hoping to make the current administration look good in the process.

Both the Occupiers and the Unions are screaming in a vacuum.

It looks like the Obama Administration is about to join them.
I’m happy leaving them all there.
And now, Back to the Middle East…

1000 Clowns

1000 clowns are going to protest at the NATO summit in Chicago.

No, this is not referring to the NATO representatives…
No, this is not referring to Occupy protesters…
No, this is not referring to the NEA or SEIU or UAW…

No, the entire House of Representatives, Senate and the President will not be marching…  while genuinely accurate there is not enough of them.

And NO, the U.N. is not making a special appearance…

These are reported to be the traditional type of “funny” clowns, not the “unfunny” kind mentioned above.
All my life I thought 1000 Clowns appearing in one place at one time was a biblical sign of the Apocalypse.  A friend of mine who is more informed on such Old Testament issues told me I was wrong…
I’m not convinced.
So here we go folks… drink up and smoke’em if you’ve got ’em.

The End Times are here.

I’m headed for the liquor store.