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Not as Divided as They want you to Think. Well… never Think… but Believe.

The latest round of paid for protests have the media sounding the alarm that The United States is more “Divided” than it has ever been.

Let’s start with the fact that these ‘protesters’ are paid. The few that are not paid are Organized by people, like our current President when he was in Chicago, who Are Paid.  And, they are paid for by Global Socialists… namely, and beginning with, George Soros. (BTW: His last name was adopted from the Esperanto word for Soar. I Sh*t you not. This is a seriously odd duck. However I don;t have time to sort him out for you… you’ll have to makeaneffort.)  It’s also worth paying attention to the same faces popping up from protest to protest.  This is not a large group of folks… it is not a ground swell… it is not a sudden realization by the masses that they are being controlled.  If That ever happened the very Democratic Socialist Tools would put a stop to it immediately as those types of folks cannot be controlled.  Not only that, they might trip over an epiphany which clears theirs minds enough to see it is exactly those who profess to represent their grievances which are the ones making sure they remain aggrieved.  As history demonstrates, Socialism is always a Tyranny of the Minority.

I would remind you, Dear Reader, that nobody had to pay for, nor organize, all of the flags hung outside of our homes after 9/11.

If you really want to protest something… it doesn’t take Community Organizers and Billionaires to make it happen.

Only revolution needs those things.

And Socialists know all about Successful Revolutions, it’s what they do afterwards that’s so horrendous.  Now that I tap that out, it occurs to me that it’s what they do in every realm outside of fomenting revolution that is horrendous.  And now that I tapped THAT out, even their revolutions are horrendous.

But they know how to do it.

They even have manuals to go with the t-shirts.

The only upside to this is it appears the Honest Socialist Scum are sick and tired of the Dishonest Socialist Scum.  That alone will make the Democratic Convention Good TV.

(I should start a new line of clothing… the “I Survived…” series.  “I Survived Pol Pot.”  “I Survived Mao.”  “I Survived Hitler.”  “I Survived Stalin.”  “I Survived Chavez.”  “I Survived Lenin.”  “I Survived Che.”  “I Survived Castro.”  “I Survived Obama.”  “I Survived Putin.” – That would be a limited release just for the Russian Press.)