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Garden Gnomes in Camoflage

Don’t bother to play this video with the sound up…  but it’s worth skipping the ad.

So apparently the world should expect Terrorist hostility at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

I know, I know… you’re asking yourself “Who would have thought terrorists would be interested in attacking an event like the Winter Olympics?”

But set aside your surprise for a moment, My question is; “Are threats like this from Militant Lawn Ornaments going to increase, or decrease, how seriously we prepare for such eventualities?”

I wonder if the Travelocity folks have seen this… I would think there is a copy right infringement somewhere.

I bet a “cease and desist” letter is forthcoming.

But where do you send it?

Or… is it the Amish that should be pissed?

I’m going to ponder that over an ice cold finger of Russian Standard… by candle light.

Well…. it looks like we know who did it.

Dzhokar and Tamirlen Tsarnaev.

After the collective sigh of relief from our community of Socialists because of the pasty white complexions of the two “most wanted” individuals sought by the FBI, we are back to Islamo-Fascists.

I’m curious if the commune will admit their mistake, ignore it, or dismiss it mildly with a uniformly uttered “whoops”?

I would offer that the only reason there was any “relief” on the Left was because of their unbelievably  expensive, yet poor, education and their Ameri-Centric (add “east-coast/west coast”) world view spiced with inherent racism. Keep in mind, that only a person who thinks religion is race could make such a profound mistake. And only that same person who has no knowledge of information which is easily accessed from around the world could assume that the complexion of a person can determine their motives.

The thought that “white” guys cannot be Islamo-Fascists (a variant of Socialism in which God is left unchallenged at the top of the organizational pyramid.) could only be made by such people. Just ask the Russians.  They had one of the largest tastes of these types at a theater.  There have been many more…

Currently I’m listening to yet more of this stupidity as the press wonders out-loud how these two received their training if they didn’t go to Afghanistan… or Iraq… or Pakistan… or Africa… or Libya…

All these two had to do was GO HOME.  Chechnya… Daghestan… Kazakhstan… Tadzhikistan… whatever you want to call those areas today.  Again, just ask the Russians.

How is it that idiot bloggers like me can know these things, and those who expect us to trust them and place themselves in front of cameras in order to “educate” the masses do not.


As Asides;

Three cheers for the FBI, State and Local police.  But there is more to this…

Why do we need more government controlled cameras?  Seems as though we had enough privately controlled ones…

And, Why do we need the DHS?

If only we had a law Banning Bombs!  Oh, wait…