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“When” has now become one of my least favorite words.

This has been building up in me for some time, but met the tipping point this morning while I was listening to Charlie Gasparino speak to the idiocy of President Obama’s promise to create a brand new bureaucracy called the Secretariat of Business. While I agree with Charlies’ overall assessment that bigger government being sold as ‘shrinking government” could only appeal to a fool and would be harmful to the economy, I have to take issue with how he prefaced it.
Charlie roughly said; “When the economy is doing so poorly we can’t afford to expand government.”

To the casual listener this might seem reasonable… it’s not.

We can’t afford to expand government… Ever.  Never.  Never.  Never.

If we are going to address the Overspending, Wasteful, Competition Killing, behemoth driving us into Fiscal Oblivion we must never again expand government. In fact, only reducing its scope and size will correct the massive mistake we have gradually made over the last 100 years.

We have heard Romney saying similar things such as; “We cannot afford to spend more than we take in…”

Well, no kidding. Again this may seem reasonable to the casual listener, but again it is not.

We cannot afford to spend half of what we take in. This is not about a “balanced” budget, this is about Debt reduction and the only way to reduce debt is to spend LESS than we take in. And, in our case… when facing a 16 Trillion Dollar Debt… WAY, WAY, WAY less than we take in. For a VERY , VERY, VERY long time.

So the Liberals will then offer up the urgent need for “Revenue Increases”… a snake oil phrase for “Tax Increases”.

We have more revenue going to the Leviathan than ever before… We do not have a Revenue Problem, we have a Spending Problem. Look at it this way… when you catch your neighborhood drug addict breaking into your house and stealing your stuff he looks at you and says “I don’t have a problem using drugs! I just don’t have enough money to buy them!”

Now replace him with “government” and you’re forced to let him go… with all your stuff!

The disconnect we seem to suffer here is intolerable. We need to call these people on this.  We need to confront our friends, family and most importantly our politicians.

You should be insulted every time you hear this pap, because they are relying on one of two things… either your poor listening skills or your poor education lending to you not understanding the meaning of words. Possibly both.

Why is this important?

It’s important because we are at the point in our history that it’s imperative to identify those Republicans who deep down believe the same things the Democrats do.  We have been fooled by these people for years and are now reaping the bitter harvest.

While we must defeat the Liberals in our government, don’t read that as only Democrats.  That statement should be read as ALL Democrats and a vast majority of Republicans.

This does not mean replacing Republicans with Democrats… It means replacing Republicans with BETTER Republicans.  It means paying attention and not just casting your vote every couple of years and ASSUMING that the person you voted for is actually doing anything other than angling for re-election.  Because re-election is not our concern… our concern is the health and primacy of the United States.  Our concern is our personal liberty and freedom which is diminished every time we abdicate our responsibilities to nameless, faceless, bureaucrats in government.  Those should be our first concerns, above all else.  If you make it clear that you will vote accordingly, then the poltiicians will act accordingly.

Because if it’s not… and getting someone else to take care of you is first on your list, you will always be a slave to those with money and power.  You will always be complaining about Big Oil, Big Banks, Big Whatever and impotent to do anything about it.  You will always find yourself voting for the very people who promise to “fight for you” while doing nothing.  You will be perpetually disatisfied and continue causing your own problems.

For those of you who fell for it again four-years ago, you might want to look and see what has been done… nothing.  In fact, it’s as if this current president never held office… it’s as if he never had Super Majorities in both Houses.  (For those of us who went to public school… it means he had two full years to do anything he wanted and nobody could stop him… and what did you get?  Socialized Medicine.  A New Entitlement to pile on top of the other elephants bankrupting this country.  That’s it…  I know you can’t be honest, but you shouldn’t feel too good about that.)

The point is…  It’s Spending… It’s the Leftists in both parties… It’s the lack of understanding Capitalism…

It’s the Debt, Dummy!

Am I making too big a deal about this?  Obviously I don’t think so… because the absence of a solid foundation in what the United States is all about always starts with a word like “When”.

Like; “When I have to go to lunch with the In-Laws I cannot start drinking beer at 6am.”