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Can you Negotiate Something you have No Authority to Deliver on?

Once upon a time there was a New, Clean and Articulate Manager of the Worlds Largest Company.

The Owners of the Company, prior to his employment, had officially severed ties to another company because of their sordid business practices.  It was established that until the offending company corrected their horrible attempts to destroy The Owners’ Company, and their associates, all payments would be halted on monies owed to them.

For some reason yet unknown The New, Clean and Articulate Manager decided he would negotiate with the offending company. Part of his proposal was to begin paying those debts which were suspended until their behavior changed.

The New, Clean and Articulate, Manager did not ask the Owner for Permission to do this, nor did the New, Clean and Articulate Manager let The Owners know about the resumption of payments until after the fact…

Because of this, The New, Clean and Articulate, Manager had to launder The Owners’ money by turning it into other currencies then covertly transport that untraceable cash to the offending company in the dead of night, making sure The Owners would not find out.

Unfortunately, even after what the courts typically consider criminal activity by the New, Clean and Articulate, Manager of facilitating payments using laundered cash, the offending company’s behavior did not change.

In fact, that company’s behavior worsened.

Now the Owner finds out… from watching news reports of the other company cheering the payment as a victory by telling their employees it is proof they were never doing anything wrong in the first place and that they are going to use the money to do more of it, better than before.

What do you do with the New, Clean and Articulate, Manager?