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Why is Kerry scheduled to “address the public” and not Holder?

(Update:  It appears someone in authority has changed their mind in regard to Kerry’s pre-emptive address.  Good.)

I have to throw this out prior to the much-anticipated public service announcement from SECRETARY OF STATE John Kerry.

Why is he speaking anything about the Boston Marathon Bombing instead of ATTORNEY GENERAL Eric Holder?

Unless he is going to offer up International ties to this act of Terrorism… then he should be silent and allow the FBI along with the Attorney General to do the speaking.

As far as I’m concerned, this is yet another attempt to blur the public’s understanding of jurisdiction and how our system is designed to work.

It should be noted, I will welcome having to amend my remarks should Secretary Kerry provide ties to international terrorism. While I think this could certainly be a possibility, until we are sure… Kerry needs to avoid the podium.

Speaking of which, where is our man Napolitano? I’ve heard only 30 seconds from DHS. If there is an international tie shouldn’t they be on deck to slobber on a microphone? And, when they’re finished… send in Lurch?

Let’s watch… shall we?