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An Inside Look at what’s Wrong with DC Republicans

I rarely do this, but this struck me as needing a full repost.
It’s from Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle. If you don’t visit Breitbart on a regular basis you are missing an extremely valuable resource.

Senator Thad Cochran is the poster child for Establishment Republicans.  He is facing a serious run-off challenge by Chris McDaniel in Mississippi.  It’s worth noting that Cochran did not want to run, but was talked into it by Establishment Republicans when it became evident that a “TEA Party Type” would most likely take the seat if he didn’t.

This would, on the heels of the Cantor Primary Loss to Dave Brat, be another very big win for TEA Party Sentiment.

The link to this article is at the bottom.

The Bold Italics is mine as it deserves additional focus…

GOP Senators Scurry from NRSC HQ After McConnell’s ‘All In’ for Thad Cochran Fundraiser

by Matthew Boyle 11 Jun 2014, 11:44 AM PDT 283

A dozen or so senior GOP senators gathered with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell at the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) headquarters to raise funds for Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) on Tuesday evening.

Noteably, none of them seemed too proud of it, based on how quickly they scurried away from the building—some outright declining to offer even a simple word of praise for Cochran—when asked why they were there.

The fundraiser—a last dash from the GOP establishment and McConnell, who is “all in” to save Cochran from his conservative primary challenger, state Sen. Chris McDaniel—occurred just hours before conservative Dave Brat crushed House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in a primary for his Virginia House seat, delivering the biggest-ever blow the Tea Party has delivered to a sitting GOP incumbent.

Senators who gathered to offer financial support for Cochran included Cochran’s Mississippi colleague Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) and Sens. Lisa Murkowski (R-AL), Rob Portman (R-OH), Lamar Alexander (R-TN), Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Chuck Grassley (R-IA), John Barrasso (R-WY), John Thune (R-SD), John Cornyn (R-TX), Bob Corker (R-TN), Susan Collins (R-ME), Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), Dean Heller (R-NV), Richard Shelby (R-AL), and McConnell (R-KY).

Cochran himself didn’t even show up for the fundraiser.

A Republican staffer told Breitbart News the mood inside the room—in which both Wicker and McConnell spoke—was somber. There was “a lot of looking at shoes,” the staffer said, and “a lot of people anxious to get out the door.” When Wicker and McConnell spoke, the staffer said, “what they didn’t say was stunning.”

“Thad’s name was only mentioned once,” the staffer said, and there was “no talk of what he had done, or what he would do… The silence was deafening.”

Around 6:20 p.m., a different fundraiser attendee walked outside to sarcastically inform another who was just arriving: “You’re missing all the great speechifying in there.”

NRSC spokesman Brad Dayspring hasn’t responded to a request for comment about what happened at the fundraiser.

The GOP senators seemed to be perfunctorily performing their duties of allegiance to McConnell rather than actually putting their name on the embattled Cochran’s struggling re-election campaign.

Murkowski, for instance—a senator who faced her own Tea Party defeat in 2010 at the hands of Joe Miller but ran as an independent and kept her seat—outright declined to comment on why she’s financially supporting Cochran. “I’m getting to the airport right now to pick up my nephew who’s ten years old,” Murkowski said, when asked by Breitbart News for a quote on why she’s helping Cochran, while she hustled down the Second Street sidewalk.

Thune, a member of Senate GOP leadership as the GOP conference chairman, also declined a quote when asked by Breitbart News outside the NRSC building why he’s supporting Cochran. “Well, we’re late to the next event, so thanks,” Thune said as he hopped into the front seat of a black car.

Portman, who hurried down the sidewalk away from the NRSC building when he left the fundraiser at around 6:40 p.m., with a camouflage baseball hat pulled low making it difficult to see his face, told Breitbart News he is supporting Cochran because he’s an incumbent.

“I am [supporting Cochran],” Portman said while hustling up Second Street Northeast toward a car that was set to pick up himself and a staffer. “I’m the vice chair of the NRSC. We are supporting all our incumbents, including Sen. Cochran.”

When asked if he agrees with Cochran’s claim that McDaniel is an “extremist” who would be “dangerous” if elected, Portman demurred. “I didn’t see what he said, so I don’t want to comment on it,” Portman said. “But Thad’s a friend and he’s a colleague and he’s a good conservative and he’s been great for Mississippi.”

While Shelby got away before this reporter could ask him why he’s supporting Cochran, he could be overheard telling another fundraiser attendee as he walked out the door: “I told them I delivered my money for him.” It’s unclear what the context of that statement was.

Ayotte similarly got away before this reporter got to her, but another fundraiser attendee mentioned how she had her own campaign event later Tuesday evening, and she shrugged back jokingly with a smile on the NRSC’s front steps: “Here to support Thad!”

When Alexander, who faces a similar primary challenge from Tennessee state Rep. Joe Carr, was asked why he’s supporting Cochran, he told Breitbart News as he hopped in a car outside the NRSC building: “Because he’s one of the finest senators we have in the United States Senate.”

Barrasso, who barrelled toward a car with a faster-than-normal gait on his way outside, said he’s supporting Cochran “because he’s an outstanding conservative senator and voice for the people of his home state.”

And when this reporter walked up to approach Corker as he was leaving the building, he got a cell phone call, then walked down Second Street away from the Capitol to hop in a gray SUV that met him there.

Finally, Drew Brandewie from Senator John Cornyn’s office furnished a quote from the Senator for this story: “Senator Cochran has been a tireless advocate for the people of Mississippi who has voted to oppose, defund, or repeal Obamacare over 100 times.”

The McConnell fundraiser email invitation—which the Minority Leader signed—was much more enthusiastic in its support for Cochran than any of the GOP senators who showed up. “Our friend Thad is in a battle in the coming weeks that will have a very real impact on our fight for the Majority. You have helped all of us in the past, and we need your help for him now,” the email read, according to Politico. “It is critical that he has financial resources now, and we are going to make sure he has them.”



I Hate the Way Washington Works!

So we have to keep electing people who know how Washington Works and can Work that Way!

This is what is currently passing for logic.

Make no mistake, the Republican Establishment have a vested interest in convincing you that Non-Establishment Republicans are terrible, terrible human beings… and you MUST support Establishment Republicans because only They know how the System works in D.C.  Of course they will leave out the fact that they are Responsible for how the system works in D.C…

So the Current line, like the latest one offered by Time Magazine (I know, I know… yes, they are still around.), is trying to convince us that Republicans such as Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Scott Walker et al. will destroy the Republican Party.  Time is still pushing the idea that Ted Cruz’ filibuster trying to push a one-year delay of the employer mandate, which the administration did anyway, led to a government shut down (A shut down that nobody noticed, so the Obama Administration executed the ‘Monument Plan’ in which they roped off open air monuments trying to prevent access to the public… remember that?) which caused horrible things to happen to all of us.  By the way, nothing happened to any of us.

Anyway, In every Wild Accusation there is an element of truth…

Let me ask you, if you don’t like the way Washington Works then what about the Established Republican Party is Worth Saving? Why not destroy the parts we don’t like and build on the parts we Do?

Clearly the Establishment Wing, and Democrats who are used to getting them to do exactly what they want, are not interested in Destroying those parts of the Republican Party… because THEY ARE those parts of the Republican Party.

Folks, anytime a Liberal Media outlet, which is pretty much all of them, tells you that you should choose one person or another person lest you’re going to lose everything and the sky will fall, you should immediately suspect a ruse. The Leftist Media has no interest in Republicans being successful, ever.

And sadly, most of the Republicans have no interest in being successful either, at least not in any way We would define Success. Well over 80% of the Republican Party now in office is far from interested in Limited Government let alone Freedom and Liberty of the Individual. They just want to be the ones controlling the money so they can spiff their families, friends and donors.

For those of you thinking that is an endorsement of ANY Democrat, pull your head out. 100% of the Democrat party is interested in the very same thing, and they will do whatever it takes, including telling you which Republicans “stand the best chance” to win, to keep their power and continue to push their Socialist Utopian Dream thus leaving them in charge forever.

The only difference between Every Democrat and a Majority of Republicans is the ones with a “D” behind their name talk about their genuine Marxist beliefs behind closed doors… the Republicans are so stupid they fail to realize those are the same beliefs they are supporting.  I’m not sure what Establishment Republicans talk about behind closed doors, maybe that they were invited by a prominent Democrat to lunch?  Who knows?  Frankly I don’t care so long as we work to replace them with Non-Establishment Republicans.

So back to the point…

It’s exactly those Republicans who you are hearing the greatest number of “bad” things whom you should be most interested in. And the odds are you should also be voting for them and giving them money.

If they’re being made fun of, you should probably read for yourself what they are saying.  Odds are it’s not what being reported.

They, the Evil Non-Establishment Types who are “Peeing Inside the Tent”, are the ones who will stand any chance of changing things as they are.

The Republicans making enemies are the ones who need our support.

The Battle is within our own Party.

And those who like things as they are know it.