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From Braggart to Victim

What Hypocrisy tastes like…

How long ago was it that The Obama Campaign was issuing press releases bragging about the “One Billion dollars in their 2012 re-election fund”?
It has been exactly a year ago.  Try searching “Obama Billion Dollar Campaign” and you will get over 23,000,000 results.

So what has changed?  Everything.

The Obama Campaign is afraid.  Very, very afraid.  And, the only arrow they have left in their quiver is Victim.

The Left knows that most voters, particularly those inclined to vote for socialists, fail to understand sending money to candidates who support ideas they disagree with is free speech.  Yes, this is the same free speech we find in the U.S. Constitution… which is why most people have no knowledge of it.  Unless you’re Nancy Pelosi, you have to read this document to know what’s in it.

In an attempt to intimidate their opponents, and fill their own war chest, Axelrod et al. went out and bragged to anyone who would listen about a “Obama Billion Dollar Campaign” to be unleashed on whichever Republican Candidate unlucky enough to win the Republican primary.

That was then, This is now…

For the next 56 days, and even post-election, all we will hear is how “money has undue influence” in campaigns.  Strange that when something seems to be in your favor it’s great, but when favor frowns upon you it’s a perversion of the sacred process.

What the Obama folks know is that Romney is going to flood the airwaves.  What genuinely scares them is that the Romney campaign doesn’t need to make anything up… they will be using Obama’s own words.  The Romney camp will be relying on the Holy Grail of Truth known as LexisNexis, and the Left is terrified.

The President of the United States will be confronted by his own words.  He will be confronted by the words of his surrogates.  He will be confronted by the quantifiable results of his policies.

The Horror….

The Obama Camp is also aware that there will be nothing they can do about it.  They will not be able to say “they’re lying” or “that’s out of context” etc.  Their Leftist friends in the media will not be able to help them.  They will be all alone, stumbling to answer questions the media will be forced to ask as if it is the first time they’d heard this “new” information.  There is pure panic.

What to expect in the next few weeks?

The only cliché the press has yet to offer up this cycle, aside from “election buying”, is the worn out gnashing of teeth over “negative campaign ads”.  But fear not, if history is any indicator the accusation is coming.  But that is the last arrow the press has…  after that, all they can do is sit back and watch.

In the end,

The Democrats need this to be a Personality contest… it will not be.

To the Left’s distaste, 2012 will be a Performance contest.  It will be a referendum on Obama. (I would prefer a referendum on Socialism… but first things first.)

So I say; “Release the Ad’s of war!”

Look for the barrage to begin October 1st.  It’s a monday, the first day of the broadcast week.

This will be interesting.