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Why #Calexit is a Good Idea

There is a rumbling of Dissatisfied Leftists in California who desperately want to Secede from the United States.

I think this would be a good idea.

I see California the way I see Scotland… a Giant Tick.

California could learn from the experience of having to pay for all of their own profoundly expensive Utopian schemes. It would be beneficial for all involved to watch California have to pony up for their smoke-filled dreams rather than demand the rest of the country pay for their Progressive Foolishness on their behalf. Only good could come from the people of California having to be responsible for themselves, there is no downside.

I would suggest New York and Illinois consider such plans as well.


Tough Love for those who need it most.  Sometimes you just need to give them what they want…
Who knows, we might welcome them back to ‘Dumbf*ckistan‘ once they demonstrate they’re competent to live on their own.