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If you Leave the Labor Force, Do you Die?

This is something we’ve been hearing a lot about over the last 4-years.

X” number of people have left the labor force“.

Well… where did they go? Belize?

If they are still here, then what are they doing?

If they have decided to not work, look for work or participate in any way… then what Have they decided to do?

(Shhhh… The dirty secret is they have decided to take your tax dollars instead.  Don’t expect a thank you card.)

The numbers are being, and have been, manipulated for years.

And the profoundly sad aspect of this “game” is… the best they can do is 7.3% unemployment. That’s the BEST. They are Pro’s at cooking books… and this is as good as it gets.

Trust me, if they could do better they would. These guys would be thrown in jail for such reporting if they lived in the private sector.  But they don’t.  They live in the unaccountable world of the Public Sector.  They live in the World of Government.

Just as an exercise…

Please think real hard and remember a short time ago when Bush was a “criminal” for presiding over an unemployment rate of 5%.


The world was ending at 5%.

Oh… and Gas was over $3. Bush was also in bed with Big Oil because Gas was over $3.


The world was ending because Gas was over $3.

Wake Up folks.

I would slap you, but I’m too drunk.