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National Guard on the Streets of Chicago?

And it’s not because of a Natural Disaster…

Who’s in Charge over there?!

Does Chicago have a Mayor?!

Does Chicago have a Police Force?!

If the National Guard goes in will it be limited to the Illinois National Guard?!

Does Illinois and Chicago expect the rest of us to Pay For It?!

Does Chicago have Any Money?!

Who let this go for so long as to need The Military to fix it?!

How did this Happen?!

Who’s Been in Charge all these Years?!

Do the Powers that Be honestly expect the Countries Son’s and Daughters to put their Lives on the Line for Chicago?!

Can We Afford yet Another War?!

If this Happens, What’s Our Exit Strategy?!

(I’m sure all f these questions will be asked by every Major News Network.  NBC will probably lead the way…)