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We Need More Time!

We just need more time to get Obama Care right.

And by right I mean removing any possibility of getting rid of it.

I know you might have thought I meant for it to work…

But just like Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, Obama Care is never supposed to “work” in the traditional sense. Of course what I mean by that is in terms of efficiency and solvency, let alone improving Health Care.  No, no, no…

Obama Care is about creating a brand new Massive Black Hole of debt with which we can use as a Over Righteous Moral Hammer to demand more taxpayer “revenue” to throw into it enriching ourselves and our friends.

So please bare with us while we ramp up the Fickle Finger of Blame we, and our friends in the Media, are going to point at the “Big” Insurance Companies. First because anything we put the word “Big” in front of must be bad… except for Government.  But most importantly because if it’s not their fault it’s ours… and how can we incite you to clamor for Single-Payer Health Care if all this is our fault!?  I mean, if we can screw up something as simple as a website that we’ve had over 3-years to develop, why on Earth would you want us to make decisions regarding what surgeries we’ll allow you to have?  We just can’t have you asking that question… so please don’t.

Anyway, just erase that the “old” system, even having a couple of problems, was far better, and protected your Freedom to Choose.  For God sakes… it’s the “Old” system!  Old!  Who wants Old stuff?  Old!  old…. and whatever you do don’t listen to those crazies who told you this was a debacle in the 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s and while this was forced through Congress a few short years ago.  They’re Crazy, Terrorist, Extremist Kidnappers who hate Puppies.  Seriously!  They Hate Puppies… and They Hate You!  They want You, and Puppies, to Die Faster!

Please, Please, Please…

We Need Time!

Just a tiny, tiny bit more… whenever, and as frequently, as we ask for it.

Thank You,

– The Administration that Cares More about you than You do.