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Bernie Hill


A Difference without a Distinction.

“There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism — by vote.  It is merely the difference between murder and suicide.”

– A. Rand


Does The Private E-mail Server Now Make Sense?

We now know that The Clinton Foundation was accepting Hundreds of Millions in Donations from Foreign Powers while Hillary was Secretary of State.

Does it now make sense that Hillary would want the ability to communicate with said Foreign Powers without the fear of her communications becoming public… or for that matter, even becoming available to the U.S. State Department?

The latest defense being offered by the Hillary Camp is;

“There is no evidence any of this was tied to the Secretary of State.”

“…no evidence…”

Not “Hillary was not involved.”

Rather; “…no evidence…”

Well… She Wiped the Server…

Short of a Foreign Contributor coming forward with a complaint that their money didn’t buy them the influence they were promised…

And as long as She’s running… what Contributor would walk away from their investment?

The possibility remains she could be elected President.


If she drops out… or loses… I predict there will be plenty of evidence.

However, there will be no one in the Media who will care.

“At This Point, What Does it REALLY MATTER?!”

Jeb’s Brother From Another Mother…

Jeb Bush is refusing to discuss the illegalities associated with Foreign donations to The Clinton Foundation and subsequent State Department Favors being Doled Out by Hillary.

Jeb will not be forced to criticize his “Brother From Another Mother.” Bill Clinton or Bill’s Wife… H.R. Clinton.

Keeping it in the Family…


The Winning Ticket for 2016!

Are You Ready?!



Bill… is that you?

It could depend on what the meaning of “is” is.

I sense the creeping fingers of the Clinton Political Machine, and I feel like I should file a harassment suit… or at least take a shower.

Bob Woodward, Lanny Davis, Kanye West, John Kusak, et al…  Out giving the Second Black President static?

Where there’s smoke there’s a cigar.  And a copy of Leaves of Grass, a beret, a blue dress and a Lecherous Philanderer.

So what exactly is going on?

Well… Hillary isn’t President yet for one.  There were promises made which must be kept.  Bill owes Hillary, big time, and that time is running out in a big way.

Woodward was “threatened” when there seems a threat nowhere to be seen.  Lanny Davis was threatened by invisible White House officials. Kanye West is ripping the President during concerts full Obama supporters of whom 10% vote occasionally. And, John Kusak can’t believe Obama is not Delivering on his campaign promises. (Insert shocked face here.)


Might it be the Hillary Campaign is getting a head start… just to make sure this time.  Better to wrap this up now than to allow another interloper usurp her rightful place in history. This possible transition of power might not be so peaceful.  I can think of no other reason.

This might require some serious drinking… just to sort it out.  Or just because.  I really don’t need a reason.

If we start seeing more of this in the next few months it could be the long knives are out.

We’ll see.  I hope we see.  It’s fun to watch.


A vacation in Svalbard…

…is what Hillary should consider when she finishes up getting drunk in Australia.  I hear it’s an interesting place.  Remote…  she can work on her Russian… far, far away from Libya… The press would NEVER go there.

She could visit the Global Seed Vault.  Take some time growing heirloom tomatoes.  Watch a couple channels of TV and long for the days when we only had three in the U.S.  All the while figuring out how She and Bill can salvage their political careers after losing the presidential election.

This way she can ignore the sex scandals occurring back home.  (On this, she is well practised.)

I’ll leave you with a question… who was Christopher Stevens having sex with that required his being assassinated by Terrorist A-holes?  Is that the angle it will have to take so we’ll pull our heads out of our collective rear-ends and get back on topic?

Since when did Democrats care about “Just Sex?”  It’s not like Petraeus is the most powerful man in the Free World…

Where’s Carville when you need him?  Because this is clearly what you get when you drag a hundred-dollar bill through the CIA, a Barracks, the FBI and West Point.  Can we add the State Dept., DOD and the latest incarnation of the Executive Branch?

We already know about the Senate and House.

This is ridiculous.