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Well… The Democrats Shut the Government down.

President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) have decided that Forcing you into Socialized Medicine is worth Shutting Down the Government.

On the Bright Side…

May be all those Government Employees will find their way into the Private Sector.

Well, semi-bright.

Not that She Can’t…

It’s just that She Won’t.

Kathleen Sibelius, U.S. Secretary of Human Health and Resources, will not step in to save a dying child’s life.

While the authority has been directly written into Obama Care for her to do exactly that, she is stating that there are many “kids just as sick”.

So… all your kids who are sick should be prepared to die equally.  Even if they could be helped, which in this case 10-year old Sarah Murnaghan can be, they will be denied that help by Government Officials… not “the Evil Insurance Companies”, but Government Employees such as Kathleen Sibelius.  Very Progressive indeed.

One must ask “What if it were Mrs. Sibelius’ child?”

This is what happens when you put the power of Life and Death Medical decisions in the hands of Bureaucrats.

You are left with an answer you know to be true… while your loved one dies.

…it is apparently not worth the life of just one child Mr. President.

Holy Crap Batman!

What are these guys NOT doing!?


AP phone records obtained by Obama Administration…

It’s the Headline on Drudge, as it should be.

The Cheerleaders for this Administration have been betrayed!


Will they let this stand, or will the AP write a series of stories offering how obtaining media phone records is “no big deal”?

Will President Obama hold another press conference trying to re-write history like the one he held today on Benghazi and the IRS oppression while acting angry that he has to have it?

Will Attorney General Holder have to resign… or will he get a raise?


Will President Nixon return from the grave and voice his approval of the current Administrations conduct?

Will the Obama Administration just continue doing whatever they want until it just becomes funny and we all give up?

Stayed Tuned…

Same Bat time… Same Bat Channel!

(I know it’s tempting to sit back and laugh at the very people who believed this guy to be a Savior and his Ideology to be Enlightened… but this is beyond the pale and should be a very scary moment for all of us.  Is this a genuine Meltdown?  Is “Impeach” going to rise on the “most searched term” rankings?  At some point the buck can’t stop at everyone else’s desk.  You simply don’t bite the hand that feeds you… ZOWIE! )

Mexico Suddenly Releases over 300+ (Update: now 2000+ and growing) Criminals…

Drug Cartel and Corrupt Officials suspected in today’s release.

No other explanation offered. Upon being questioned, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto stated he had no idea these releases had occurred until he read the reports in the press.  He, through his spokesman, also stated that the individuals were set free with the approval of “high-level career bureaucrats” within the Administration.

Wait!  Wait!  Wait!

I’m Sorry, I got it wrong.

WE did this today:


The content is correct… President Obama has stated, through his spokesperson, that he had no idea this had or was going to happen.

Are these career bureaucrats going to be fired?  Or just transferred and suspended with pay for a few days until we lose interest like the fast and furious folks who up-armed the Mexican Cartels which resulted in hundreds of innocent Mexicans dead in addition to our own law enforcement officers?

Is it possible that we might have a little corruption in our ranks?

Carney’s statement was that these were “low-level” criminals… but by whose judgment?  Many of these individuals were AWAITING trial or further processing to officially DETERMINE their level of criminality.

Apparently there is just too much stability out there…

(For you Cartoon Network guys who don’t know why I care about this, remember Batman?  Bain did the same thing.  For the rest of you, Castro did this to us as well.)

2016… the movie…

OK… I confess I just got around to seeing 2016 Obama’s America.

I also have to confess I learned very little.

Actually, I learned two things;

1. Unger (Yet another Communist… I had no idea this guy existed.)

2. Something that I believe D’Souza understood, did not talk about. But now it has become so obvious to me I can’t believe I didn’t see it before….

“How can I be what you imagine if I show you who I am?”

This explains much, if not all, of the Obama phenomena. It also explains much of the press’ handling of him.

If you’re going to employ #3 and #4 of the worlds greatest platitudes, “Hope” and “Change”, then you can’t let them see the man behind the curtain.  You must allow the masses to make you whoever they want you to be… then smile and wave while promising to be that which remains intentionally undefined.

I now believe it is a lesson Barack came to understand thoroughly while dealing with his feelings for his absent father. What Obama came to understand was that he created an incredibly favorable image of his father precisely because he knew nothing about him. All young Barack had to cling to regarding his father were the positive portrayals painted for him by his mother. This left more than a decade of holes to be filled by a man who deeply desired his father to be the Anti-Colonial Socialist Icon he imagined.  What young man doesn’t want to idolize his father?  Who can’t understand this?

Fast forward to a political career built on being purposefully vague.

Yes… I know he wrote books. But Obama, and those around him, knew no one would read them and if they did they would be allies who would not bring attention to any fact that was less than beneficial.  Just like the “Blueprint for America”… he told us, in writing, what he planned to do all the while knowing it would never be read.  But, he could always say truthfully “I told you!”.  This is plausible deniability 101… however I think he secretly hoped that those who voted for him actually read his plans, and supported what he had in mind.  Surprise.

Anyway, The United States now has a President who is tired and doesn’t want to do this anymore.  Good.

The best scenario I can think of is for Barack Obama to quietly step off the stage and let the rest of us begin repairing the damage he and his Fellow Travelers have administered upon the United States.

A final note on 2016… if you don’t leave this documentary kind of sympathising with young Barack, but knowing this man should never, ever, ever have been allowed to ascend to the Presidency… to each their own.  But at the very least you should be extremely angry at the press.  All of them… as it is their job to do the work apparently only Naturalized Citizens will do.

No Time to Lose!

An Open Letter to the Presidential Re-Election Campaign Committee.

To Those Concerned,

It’s my humble recommendation that you take a lesson from the members of the Democrat party who ran for office two years ago as well as those running for office in 2012.

Upfront, let me be clear…

When you have a powerful supporter, we all understand you must continue to nurture his support.


When the situation arises that this supporter goes out to rally the troops, so to speak, and your support takes a hit in terms of percentages lost you need think hard about having him speak again.  This is true especially when, as in 2010, when this supporter’s endorsement almost guaranteed defeat for the politicians running for office.  This could be true again in 2012.

When your supporter has professional and personal ties to terrorists, communists, socialists, shady lending deals, corrupt politicians who are now in jail, radical religious leaders, heavy drug use and a certain detachment from the common voter as demonstrated by endless, and well publicized, vacations and parties you might want to put some distance between both of you in the nicest possible way.

When this supporter seems to always say things off script and “out of context”… seemingly with no control when left to his own devices and speaking from his heart, there needs to be a strong but polite barrier built. The same way many of your Democrat colleagues have and are doing right now.

While we all understand the importance of not burning a bridge….
There is no time to lose!
If you want to get President Barack Obama re-elected you need to put some serious distance between the Presidential Re-Election Campaign and Barack Obama.

There is simply too much at stake to allow him any further involvement.  None.

Remember though… just try to be nice about it.

Maybe a “Beer Summit”?

Finest Regards and Good Luck,


Our first Gay President?


Give me a minute, I’m pouring a scotch.

So… I haven’t read the story yet in Newsweek, but I just don’t understand why a happy President would warrant the cover of a reputable news periodical.
Barack Obama is one of the most joyful leaders this country has ever had… on that I’m sure we can all agree. But I just can’t think he is the first.  There must have been many.

Given the amazing amount of time and money he and his family spend uplifting their spirits, it is no surprise to me that he is glee-full. I mean being President is pretty cool! You get to fly around in your own jet… so does your wife… so does the dog…  You can smoke all you want and the press doesn’t hassle you…  You get to eat cheeseburgers and fries with communists… You get to spend all our money, and all of our future money, making everything better…
Heck, you even get to have a Nobel Peace Prize for… well… nothing. You did nothing. That is so cool! No wonder you feel Gay! Who wouldn’t?
So I say; “You be as gay as you can be Mr. President!”
Get out there and get all sweaty and excited playing basketball with those big, muscular, professional NBA friends of yours. Spend as much time as you can late at night in the houses of Hollywood celebrities doing whatever Hollywood celebrities do late at night… in their houses.
Celebrate your diversity like you did with that made-up girlfriend in your book and catch a broadway musical!  I’ve heard nothing can make you feel gayer than memorizing the words to the songs!

Because, the last thing this country needs is a pouting president.
So keep that frown upside down… and go get’m tiger!

I finished my scotch.