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If you Don’t know where you are going…

… please Don’t Get in your Car and Go There.

I’ve had to drive around this great United States a bit over the last few days. While I have confirmed that the drivers in my neck of the woods are still the worst in the Continental US (not Europe… whoa, not Europe for sure, or East Asia for that matter), I have a plea.

Please, please, I beg you, at least ACT like you had a plan before climbing into your 3000 lb. Missile of Death.

My apologies to Tolkien, but All Who Wander are Indeed LOST.

The trail of damage you people cause behind you, which you never realize because your primary focus is on your phone, your kid, your lip stick, the book you’re reading (I sh*t you not), the joint in your hand or your beer, would make Mr. Magoo blush.

Oh, Oh, Oh, And one Last Thing… just because your doctor has prescribed you Oxy… doesn’t make it “not drugs”. Frankly, if you’re chewing the feel good pills, you should be riding the bus.  You’ll have something in common with the new friends you make.  I promise.

I’ve said this before, but let me try again;

Spontaneity and Indecision are nowhere to be found on any Driving Test anywhere in the Universe.  Seriously… nowhere.

If you have nowhere to go, you cannot be in a hurry to get there. (Although some of you challenge this theory daily, in many, many, ways.  It’s seems like a life choice… but I digress.)

If you’re not in a hurry to get somewhere, WALK.
Motor Vehicles were designed for one purpose only, and that is to expedite travel from one point to another.  This purpose requires an intended destination prior to use.  Please apply this rule of intended use accordingly.

Thank you, from the rest of us.