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The New Mentally Ill…

For almost 10-years now there have been discussions regarding what qualifies One as Mentally Ill.

This debate took a new step forward this morning.

With Barack Obama’s Executive Gun Control, and the Physician Requirement to report patients who are ‘Mentally Ill’, comes an important question.

Are You Mentally Ill?

Well, let’s see…

Depression is a Mental Illness. Are you taking Any Anti-Depressants? Prozac? Zoloft? Paxil? Celexa? Lexapro? Effexor? Pristiq? Cymbalta? Remeron? Wellbutrin? Elavil? Pamelor?

You’re Mentally ill.

Anxiety is a Mental Illness. Are you taking Any Anti-Anxiety Medication? Xanax? Ativan? Klonopin? BuSpar?

You’re Mentally ill.

Mood Instability is a Mental Illness. Are you taking Any Mood Stabilizing Medication? There are many such ‘Stabilizers’… let’s just say,

Do You have PTSD? Mild or otherwise?

You’re Mentally ill.


You’re Mentally ill.



Eating Disorder? Yes… too much or too little.

You’re in the club.

Seeing a Psychiatrist because… parents?

Still good.

AND… wait for it… Are You collecting Disability for any of the above?

Odds are… You’re up by default!

The Objective of the Left is to rid the Population of the ability to resist their Horrific Collectivist Ideas.

They are fully aware that The United States was founded on Individual Rights and paramount to those Rights is Free Speech and the Ability to Resist Tyrannical Government should it arise.

Socialists recognize that the Public has never, historically, enjoyed their institutionalized nepotism and Elitist wielding of Power over the ‘Stupid Masses’. And because of that, removing their primary source of self-defense remains a priority.

But they need you to BEG Them to enforce the removal of this defense… in the name of safety.

The push to Make EVERYONE Crazy has been going on for decades. From Mommies Little Helper to today’s myriad of
doses to make the World a better place.

And what if Doctors don’t report you?

The Lawyers are ready to place Liability Suits as fast as they can get their paralegals tapping away at their keyboards.

In the End, This is just one of the symptoms of Obamacare we all warned you about. It’s about control. It’s about you being kept. It’s about removing your ability to resist the Poison that is Leftist Progressive Socialism.

They have the rest of the World and they’ve screwed that up.

They’ve taken control of Cities and States within our Borders and they’ve screwed Them up.

Now they are Aiming for the entire Great Experiment in Self Rule….

So they can Screw that up too.

There is a Historical Consensus…

Socialism Always ends in Oppression, Destruction and Death of Innocent Citizens.

Where it hasn’t, it will.

Where it has, it has been Legendary in its Horror.

Why is there a single person alive still entertaining any variant of Marxism?

Because Force is a Drug. And Humans are Addicted to it.

It’s the only real Mental Illness.


Where in the World is Jenny McCarthy?

The Butcher and I have been exchanging some comments which led me to repost my letter to Jenny…

An Open Letter to Jenny McCarthy:  070914 11am

Dear Ms. McCarthy,

I have to confess that I’ve followed your work since the long ago days of burping on Live TV,  Playboy and Fart Jokes.  But I have paid particular attention to your efforts over the last decade to ‘protect’ children from inoculations which you have decided cause diseases such as, but not limited to, Autism, Asperger’s and Mental Retardation.  The energy you have put into your efforts cannot be described as anything less than remarkable.

Because of your success in convincing so many American parents to ‘save’ their children from inoculations I feel compelled to point something out.

As I type this letter hundreds of thousands of children who have arrived in the United States illegally are being inserted into our public school system all over the Nation.

Allow me to restate what I just tapped out;

Hundreds of Thousands of medically unscreened children, some who have already exhibited ailments ranging from Head Lice and Scabies to Measles and TB, are being absorbed into groups of un-inoculated children of parents who believe the things you decided were true.

For that matter, Ms. McCarthy, there may even be some of those same parents… and Teachers… who abide by your understanding and interpretation of medical science.

With that in mind it then becomes relevant that the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has seen it necessary to quietly install, and bolster existing, emergency response centers across the nation because of the influx of the aforementioned illegal, unscreened, sick children.

I was hoping to appeal to your sense of caring for others by asking you to create a Mailing Address which the above parents, teachers and soon to be infected children can send their thanks.  In addition I would hope you could find a vehicle, possibly those microphones and magazine pages you utilized to campaign for anti-inoculations, to let the public know where to send their letters of appreciation.

I have Complete Faith you will do the Right Thing.

Appropriate Regards, Mike

(Here they come…)

(Feds allow sick to stay)

(How Many will your School Get?  It’s a Secret.)

Originally posted 070914

No Hysteria, No Sugar.

I have a real issue with “puffing” the truth in order to get into my pockets. I genuinely hate it when it’s the government because I don’t get to say “No.” At least when it’s some sales charlatan (which I have been one…) I can refuse to purchase whatever they are peddling.

The reason for this post is I want to share a few of my latest aggravations.

The first is the apparent explosion of Autism in the United States. I’ve had numerous conversations with friends of mine who have children with Autism as well as looked into the statistic myself. There is no doubt that it exists and always has existed. But the last part of that sentence seems to get overlooked.
Many of the medically diagnosed Autism cases are “redefinitions” of what was previously considered Mental Retardation or “MR” in today’s politically correct speech. In other words, these cases have existed all along.
The other interesting aspect to this “epidemic” is that educators have been given the power to diagnose… not Medical Doctors, Psychiatrists or Psychologists. Allow me to repeat that… Government School Teachers can determine if your child is Autistic.
And finally, all of the numbers that are currently being used to “substantiate” this new phenomenon were extrapolated from a single county outside of Atlanta. (Do not take my word for this. Drill down through every citation that the “reputable” articles offer and you will ultimately be lead to this county.
So why would teachers be given the ability to diagnose Autism in children?
Because there is a ton of money associated with what are called “special needs children”. The Federal Government sends funding directly to the schools based on the number of these children they (the school) determines they have.
Anything wrong with that picture? And is it any surprise that the cases of Autistic kids would explode?
I don’ think so… I think I pretty much get it.
The CDC has good information but declares right up front (ADDMs page 7) that they are unsure if the increase in diagnosis is due to “widening the spectrum” of what is considered Autism.  This means adding children who would have otherwise, or were otherwise diagnosed with MR or related disabilities.
Has anyone shared any of this with you?
Probably not… what we get instead is a constant dose of how the odds are 1 in 110 kids will be diagnosed with Autism… some by Doctors and many by public school teachers.
There are also the advocacy groups… where are They on this you might ask?

Well, while I completely respect the very good work they do they also need money. In fact, once you create an organization it seems your costs always go up… always. They have no reason to confront such ridiculous claims. Actually, they run with these numbers too. It literally pays them to scare the bejesus out of parents and grandparents and anyone else who doesn’t hate kids. The way they see it, the ends justifies the lying. Someone, somewhere, six citations away said it’s true… it benefits us… good enough, it’s true. Run with it. May the checks flow in!

Enough on Autism because I want to complain about Starvation… in the U.S.

What? You didn’t know we had starving children in the U.S. Well we don’t. If anything the children in the U.S. are exploding… So now we have food insecure children in the U.S. This is a classic example of creating an organization when we did indeed have rural areas where starvation could occur due to logistic and economic issues surrounding food. These same areas had known poverty at a level that precluded food stuffs from being accessible. Through hunger organization efforts these problems have been remedied. But these organizations continue to get bigger in size and expense without the correlating need. So they have decided to “redefine” the problem so they can continue to frighten those who don’t pay attention and live to elevate themselves above the rest of us by throwing your donated money (after “expenses”) at problems that don’t actually exist.  They have even been able to get the Ad Council to run billboards stating that 1 out of 5 children are “Food Insecure”.  That’s 20% of our children to you and me… and what the heck does insecure mean?  Did they approach children before lunch and ask them what they were having and if the said “I’m not sure” the box “Food Insecure” was checked?  Does anyone ever ask these questions?  It’s painful.
So now our obesity epidemic caused, arguably, by easy access to calorie dense food must be repositioned as a “food insecurity” problem. just so these organizations don’t have to stop hiring people or stop handing out raises.  Amazing…
These are just a couple of examples but there are many more. (Radon, Lead Paint, Dietary Fiber, Low Fat, Man Made Global Warming etc.)  When you start looking at the actual data suddenly a very different picture emerges.  (“Science is doubting what the experts think.” – Richard Feynman)
All I know is that if there ain’t no hysteria, there ain’t no sugar.

I’m having an alcohol insecurity problem right now… I’m going to go seek safety.