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Run Away! Run Away!

Apparently it’s no longer a laugh line from Monty Python’s Holy Grail.

According to our Attorney General, Eric Holder, it’s “your duty” to retreat when threatened.

Your Duty… to Run Away.

 [ dootee ]
  1. obligation: something that somebody is obliged to do for moral, legal, or religious reasons
 [ thret ]
  1. declaration of intent to cause harm: the expression of an intention to cause harm or pain
  2. sign of something bad: an indication that something unpleasant or dangerous is going to happen
  3. somebody or something likely to cause harm: a person, animal, or thing likely to cause harm or pain

Please take a moment and think about this.

Our Attorney General, who is the legal mouthpiece for the President of the United States, has stated in no uncertain terms that you must retreat when threatened by anyone wishing to do you harm.  And make no mistake… taking your stuff, threatening your well-being, or both, is “doing you harm”.

According to Mr. Holder, you are obligated to give that person, or persons, whatever they want if they demand it.  Could be your Wedding Ring, could be your child, could be your body.

You have no right to protect yourself, or your property, if another individual is willing to harm you.

Sounds to me like it’s “Open Season” on all of us who are not inclined to break the law.  Sounds like a Thug empowerment seminar.  Sounds like pandering for the criminal vote.

The only legitimacy this idea enjoys is born out of the concept that we should leave such matters to the police (the government).  It is a flawed idea.

I respect the police.  It is a difficult and dangerous job.

However, the police are the SECOND line of defense against crime.  They exist to catch criminals AFTER they have committed the crime… as it should be.

YOU are the FIRST line of defense… as it should be.

Why is this?

Because you do not… do not… do not… want to live in a country where there is a police officer on every corner.  These places exist, and judging by the numbers, you don’t even choose to vacation there.

So, this leaves YOU.  And surprisingly unknown to our current leaders, our country was designed that way.  The responsibility to defend ourselves is integral to our freedom and liberty.  In fact, our ability to defend ourselves, and our property, is considered an inalienable right.  Does that phrase sound familiar?  It should.

As you age, and pay attention, it becomes disconcerting when you realize the level of ignorance some of us find acceptable in our leaders.

Or is it ignorance?

Could it be they know exactly what they are saying?

If so, does that make you feel better?


What Does it Mean When…

Your Boss say’s he has “Complete Confidence” in you?

Well, if you’re a political appointee, it means you better dust off your resume.

In the world of Politics there is a special language. A language all its own.
If your employer is elected to office, and he or she states they “expect” you to continue to be an important part of their Administration… Advisors… or Food Tasting Committee, you’re screwed. What they really mean is “You have around a week to figure out what you’re going to do, other than my Administration… Advisors… or Food Tasting Committee.”

So when President Obama made this statement regarding Attorney General Eric Holder, Mr. Holder should have made a call to his Real Estate agent.  DC is awfully expensive place to live if you don’t work there.  (Can I suggest Idaho? I understand people just like AG Holder end up there with frequency.)

This also explains something to me that I found mysterious… for about 30 seconds, until a saw something shiny.

I watched the entire hearing with Holder on CSPAN yesterday.  (I know… but right now time is the only thing I have in abundance.)

Attorney General Eric Holder was an Arrogant, Self Centered, Smug, Snarky, S.O.B.  It really is worth watching, even though it’s CSPAN.

While I expect that kind of behavior from an Elitist Progressive, under the circumstances I thought it was bizarre.  The attitude was going to do nothing in regard to his preservation as A.G.

He already knew.  He already knew the President was going to have him step aside… and given that he has served longer than most political appointees, it would be positioned as a normal “transition” even though we all know better.  “Transition” is a much better way of going out than “Fired”.  And Obama would never want to be viewed as Firing his most loyal employees… certainly not if it could be construed that his opposition made him do it.

So, Goodbye to Eric.  Or rather, Happy Transition.

And hello to… who?

Obama has a way of locating and recruiting individuals even more onerous than those who occupied the position previously.

I wonder if the Black Panthers have anyone interested.  Or, possibly, Van Jones… I think he isn’t doing anything worthwhile right now.  Does Rev. Wright have the creds?  I’m sure he would appreciate the phone call.

Countdown to the Race Card

It has been 5-days since all the new scandals have presented themselves.

First, the Administration will attempt a Clintonian assertion that these issues (Like Bill’s sexual harassment lawsuit.) are doing nothing but distracting from the business of Job Creation and Economic Recovery… yes the same Job Creation and Economic Recovery that has yet to materialize after 2-years of a Democratic Controlled House, Senate and Presidency followed by 3 more years of Democrat control of the Senate and Presidency.

And, since “It’s just sex” doesn’t sound quite like “It’s just tyranny” I’m not sure this will go over.

Second, expect to hear how no other President and Attorney General would be put under such scrutiny if they were not Black.  Expect Black and not African-American… the voicing most be of moral outrage from the Left in order for it to be effective.

The only interesting aspect of this will be exactly where these cries of racism come from…

So how long till we get there?

Should we start a pool?

The Eighth Labor

Is Barack Obama about to suffer the fate of Diomedes?

In the Greek Myth, Diomedes is fed to his Mares which he trained to dine on Human flesh.

The Greeks had a penchant for Irony and Unintended Consequences.

The metaphor seems apt in light of newly discovered actions by the IRS.  It appears that Obama supporters employed by the agency decided to target Conservative groups… for years.  They used the power of the agency in an attempt to intimidate and ultimately destroy their ideological opposition.  (It’s worth noting that they considered their opposition to be those teaching the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights to the masses.)

While the IRS revelations are only one of several problems this current White House is experiencing, it is an important one as it lends credibility to those who have warned of an over-reaching and oppressive government.  A concern which to date has been answered with the accusations of paranoia and hysteria from those in the Media and the White House.

For the record…

I will go as far a stating that I do not believe President Obama directly instructed those in the Internal Revenue Service to conduct themselves in such a manner.  On the contrary, these people were predisposed to behave this way.  These individuals have had a constant diet of “the ends justifies the means” in regard to promoting their Socialist Ideology because of the “fairness and equality” they believe it’s implementation will result in.

The President did not need to direct them… as he spent a better part of his life Teaching them how to behave this way.  All that needed to happen was an overt message of complacency from the Attorney General’s office when it came to politically motivated crime.  And, without fail, this was delivered to them by AG Holder when he intentionally did not prosecute the Black Panthers for voter intimidation.  It was a big, and well publicized, demonstration of the AG’s ability to apply discretion in regard to what laws would be enforced.

In the End, the “Constitutional Law Professor“, the Community Organizer, the Smartest Man to have ever occupied the White House could become the victim of his own design.

The Socialist “Low Level Workers” are motivated, and have believed themselves to have a pass to do as they wished.  Considering the Progressive power struggle entering the 2016 Presidential race it would not surprise me if more skeletons are not thrown out for public consumption.

But validating the fears of all “The Crazies” out there cannot ultimately be good for Liberal politics… unless they are going to, once again, try to run as Fiscal Conservatives like they did in the 90’s.

Regardless… I say let the carnage begin!

Stin iyia mas!

(There is a particular reader who will find Flesh Eating Mares particularly appealing… and I can’t believe I beat Her to this.)

Why is Kerry scheduled to “address the public” and not Holder?

(Update:  It appears someone in authority has changed their mind in regard to Kerry’s pre-emptive address.  Good.)

I have to throw this out prior to the much-anticipated public service announcement from SECRETARY OF STATE John Kerry.

Why is he speaking anything about the Boston Marathon Bombing instead of ATTORNEY GENERAL Eric Holder?

Unless he is going to offer up International ties to this act of Terrorism… then he should be silent and allow the FBI along with the Attorney General to do the speaking.

As far as I’m concerned, this is yet another attempt to blur the public’s understanding of jurisdiction and how our system is designed to work.

It should be noted, I will welcome having to amend my remarks should Secretary Kerry provide ties to international terrorism. While I think this could certainly be a possibility, until we are sure… Kerry needs to avoid the podium.

Speaking of which, where is our man Napolitano? I’ve heard only 30 seconds from DHS. If there is an international tie shouldn’t they be on deck to slobber on a microphone? And, when they’re finished… send in Lurch?

Let’s watch… shall we?