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U.S is now less popular in the region than at the end of the George W. Bush administration.” – USA Today 032113


I thought the election of Barack Obama was going to immediately turn a Middle East frown upside down…

In fact, I distinctly remember being told by people such as Micheal Moore and other bastions of brilliance that simply electing “the smartest person to ever run for President” our image in the Middle East would instantly be made entirely of Sunshine and Lollipops.

This was true of Clinton too… funny that the people who spout this kind of stupidity are never held accountable for their ridiculous assertions when it turns out to be hogwash.

Barack and Bill share a similar footnote in history.

I also have a good enough memory to recall that never has there been such a promise associated with a Republican or Independent candidate…

So why are those who embrace truth… or reality… or whatever you want to call the world as we actually know it… never given the credit they are due?

Those who are real, who grasp reality as it is, not as they wish it to be, never seem to receive accolades for their efforts to remain in the realm of facts?  The solutions they offer are always described by those living in Dreamland as “mean-spirited” and “cruel”.  Wishful thinking passes for logic.  Platitudes for meaning.

Yet those who spout nonsense and offer up completely unqualified, often fanciful, assessments of what the future will be if we just follow them are acclaimed as positive, and progressive, in their thinking… yet they are repeatedly, demonstrably and historically wrong.  So wrong in fact, that people often die…

And when it is beyond denial that they were wrong… when there can be no debate regarding the repeated error of their thinking…


No “review” of the statements made promoting their fouled “thought process”. No rebuke from the ever “watchful” media. No admonition from the populace that believes itself to be “informed” and “educated”…

Upon the rare occurrence that we hear anything it is most often a revision of history crafted to better accommodate their failings.

It’s time for truth, and reality to make an appearance in our government and the population should demand it.

Everything from “We don’t have a spending problem” to “Obama has a higher IQ than anyone who has ever sought the Presidency” does nothing but delude an already poorly informed electorate.

It’s enough to make you want to drink… more than normal… for me.

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The above applies to the Global Warming ‘we’re all going to die by the year 2000’ crowd too… right Al?  How about those Ice Caps?  Exponentially growing Polar Bear Population?  Mass starvation due to Overpopulation?  Rising Sea levels consuming San Francisco by last year?  You people should be wearing sandwich boards in time square…


Springtime for Morsi

“Dictatorship” is such a divisive word.

I won your hearts by over a third.

So I’m not one of those as you suppose… you voted for me, democratically.

Of course with that small formality out fo the way,

Now you just have to do what I say.


I might “detain” you, and do things to you where nobody can see. I might “disappear” you late one night, or “deport” you while keeping your family filled with fright.

Or, I might let you off in a more “Western” style with the use of forms and file, and just take all of your property by means of tax and levy… but you should know whatever I may choose, the West will smile at my enlightened approach to handling you.

I am not a Theocrat either, so don’t say such things. I support tolerance for all the forms of Islamic Practicing. I have learned this is best from your Secularists who cheer my approach of handling Allah’s followers without so much as a coach.

I am not afraid, there is no man from which I cower. I support the right of my opposition to protest my declared power. I have given them this right and all that comes with it, as long as they’re smart and don’t step in it… I’ll allow them this luxury with never a limit. This is a lesson the West is learning from me… and they smile with glee at my enlightened approach to handling those who believe… they are free.

I’m the Arab Spring, A Leader of a “new” Middle East… the latest Hot Thing.

This is Democracy…

and, Democracy for all…

Your United States paid for it… yes, every single taxpayer which means you… no matter your religion so even the Jews, so we thank you too for our funding anew.

Oh… and, Death to Israel… March them into the Sea!

PS.  Send us some more F-16’s.

Democracy Kills


Be careful what you wish for…

Is it an “Arab Spring” or just a changing of the guard?
This is where populist/social democrats fall down. The establishment of pure democracy has never led to freedom. Historically it has given the population the opportunity to quickly vote themselves into tyranny and then justification to those in charge to do awful things to those who voted for them.
This isn’t theory… we have seen it many times from the Russian revolutions to Hitler’s rise to power. Examples are found throughout the pacific rim and as close as the America’s.
So why the excitement?

Because those helping with the destabilization and over throw of dictators can proudly say “we don’t do business with tyrants”… right up until they do.  And, they always do.

To date the U.S. has approached these situations with a certain mindset… find a population that’s receptive to the idea of republican democracy and capable of the transition, then give them aid. (Since there are a number of these, and we have limited resources, we have typically stuck to those with strategic value.)  Provide them the example to emulate.  Give them access to those who can help them achieve it.  Finally, and most importantly, give them time to do so.  Yes, it’s slow and uncertain.

Those populations not interested in, or not capable of, such a transition are monitored for a change in status.  Basically we watch their leaders attempt to control their exposure to the successes going on right next door. (Examples are Cuba, North Korea, the Middle East, Central America etc.)

But this is a new day!

Now our apparent tactic is Acceleration.  Statists are never content with allowing time for things to work.  This is always reflected in areas such as the economy (creating a Housing Bubble, with only the best of intentions of course) and now foreign policy.  “We just don’t have time to wait!”  (Apply this statement to any piece of the leftist agenda.)

So we have lent our aid to overthrow dictatorships casting discipline, reason and rational aside.  We have decided that it doesn’t matter if the population is capable of transition and instead of asking we have assumed that they would be willing to emulate our example.  When you look at the greatest failures of the Left it is always related to acceleration.  And, predictably, this stands to be no different.

What we are left with is hope that the “newly liberated” population demands that their country becomes receptive to republican democracy.

What they are left with is the turmoil, the death, and the cleaning up of the mess made all the harder by the spectre of failure as the new leaders tighten their grip.

The new boss is same as the old boss…  just better funded.

Why do the Statists have to repeat this lesson ad nauseam?

Faster is rarely better… ask your wife.