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The Ethnic Excuse

Paving the way for Taking Taiwan…

(Originally posted 030314)

Excusing a Nation’s Projection of Power in order to “protect” Ethnic Groups has been used since Force was invented.

In the United States we are told, repeatedly, that Ethnicity does not matter… yet we’ve abandoned the Supremacy of the Individual and actively Demonstrated Race Does matter in our Hiring, Higher education admissions and Legal practices every day.

So how can we see it as a Ridiculous Reason to Invade another country?

Ethnic and Racial differences remain ingrained in the “Enlightened” European mind.  Racism is rampant and accepted.  These are the very same Europeans we are told we must emulate by Our Progressive Elitist class of Politicians.  (Yes, I’m referring to John Kerry et al.)  The very Europeans whom we are told have it all figured out.  The very Europeans who are surprised that anti-Semitism is exhibited not from “the far right” but by everyday “Liberal” people.

But the most interesting aspect is They see this Excuse being used by Putin as Reasonable, even Logical.  Protecting One’s Racial Heritage is as common as Hating the Other person’s.

Of course, this leads to problems.  Very serious problems.  It always has.

Once You accept this Excuse for Force as valid, as a Certain Harvard Russian Studies Professor has… sadly, you must look and see Who’s in the On-Deck position.

The most Obvious?


Followed by some other minor players… like Nepal, Moldova, Slovakia, the Baltic States, Quebec, South Korea, Kashmir, the list is endless…

I know, Canada wouldn’t be upset about Quebec.  They would probably welcome handing off the corruption and crumbling infrastructure to the French for while, until they gave up and handed it back.

But the point is We are Allowing a Precedent to be set.  How do you argue that National Sovereignty has any meaning when you fail to support those Nations you Promised to support should it be challenged?  We have already ceded an Ideological High Ground by sacrificing Ideology based on Freedom and Liberty of the Individual.  So What’s left?  Our Word?  What is that worth?


The Chinese Leadership are not stupid, they see clearly what is being illustrated by Putin’s efforts.

And I don’t find it a coincidence that Taiwan was not permitted to fly their flag during the Sochi Olympics.

Frankly, If I were sitting in Taiwan right now I’d be looking for the closest container vessel headed south.  Right Friggin’ now.

If you still don’t get it, it’s a 1936 redux.

Godwin’s Law be damned.

Hitler took most of Europe using the “We must Protect Ethnic Germans.” as his broadcasted excuse.  Actually he was stripping the resources of those countries for his own use… but that doesn’t Play in Peoria.  So he went with Uniting German’s.  Just sounds nicer.

We are not seeing anything New here.

And the latest Non-Aggression Pact between China and Russia simply assures both parties they will not have to reserve any troops for a second front.  It just makes things easier… having to worry about one less thing when you want to focus on taking stuff you think should be yours.

The question I have is why do we let Appeasers run our country?  (It’s a rhetorical question… They sound “nice” so we put them in charge.  It’s the “If we’re only more friendly” argument that passes for reason in the Visualize Whirled Peas circle.  It’s also an ongoing effort to repress the past lessons or attributing those events to lesser humans who happened to be in charge at the time.  This belief is often spoken in the words “That could never happen today.”)

What’s interesting is, it’s as if Putin’s Generals are saying “You know Vlad, That Austrian Guy with the silly mustache had it right… he just got in a hurry.”.  (There has been a question posed regarding Bush’s inaction on Putin’s invasion of Georgia and if that made Bush seem weak.  Yes.  It did.  But the question was offered up as moral relativity giving our current Administration’s inaction.  Sorry, but it was weakness on display under Bush just as it’s weakness on display under Obama.  It doesn’t matter who was displaying it.)

If I were leading what must now be considered only a “Resistance Movement” in Ukraine I would be finding every camera I could and begging as loudly as possible for U.S. and British help.  But it has become so fashionable for Europeans to blame their problems on the United States over the last several decades that it places them in an awkward position and makes it nearly impossible to overtly ask for our help.  Their ego may be their undoing.

This must come as a relief to the current Administration.

Those in charge will do anything to prevent the perception of this being an “East vs. West” thing.  And they will certainly not entertain anything as foolish as “Good vs. Evil”.

So What Do You Do when you pretty much agree with the Guy moving his troops across Europe?

We’re doing it.

We’ll be doing more of it as we watch Taiwan get “Protected”.

But of course, that could never happen today.

(I have intentionally used Race and Ethnicity interchangeably.  When it comes to the sacrifice of the Individual in favor of Balkanization they are the same thing.)

(Originally posted 030314)


The Ease of Appeasement

President Obama mentioned in the lead up to the debates that he had the benefit of “dealing” with “just about every issue” imaginable having been president for four years.
I’m not sure we share the same definition of “dealing with” issues.
In fact, I would offer that a foreign policy of Appeasement allows a president to imply he’s doing something when in reality doing nothing at all.

But with that comment another comment came into perspective.

I think you’ll recall “the private sector is doing fine…”.

If you apply the same Appeasement approach to Domestic Policy then suddenly this bizarre utterance makes sense.  President Obama actually does think the private sector is doing fine.  If he didn’t, he would have to get engaged and do something about it… so it must be FINE… it has to be FINE.

It’s almost as if he just doesn’t want to be president.  I feel the same way.

President Obama is a Socialist.  This is not news to any serious thinker on either side of the aisle.

By not getting involved in foreign affairs… and not reforming government intrusion into domestic affairs… he allows the march of socialism to continue unabated.  This is his desire.

It’s so easy…  all he has to do is nothing.  No bothersome intelligence, or economic, briefings he has to attend, no committee, council or commission time-wasters to show up at.  Painless!

Think about it for just a moment.

The few things he has accomplished have only served to hasten the United States’ move into a fully socialist state.  I shouldn’t need to list any of these accomplishments, but I will… Obama Care, An Explosion in new EPA Regulations on the Private Sector, A Doubling of the National Debt, A Quadrupling of the Money Supply, aka Devaluation of the Dollar, the Nationalization of a Car Company , the Explosion in Government Workers, a complete melt down in the Middle East, Domestic Drone Surveillance and a tripling in Domestic Phone Taps, Suing States to Prevent Voter Identification and the list goes on.

None of which I would suggest is beneficial to the overall health of a Capitalist country.

But wait, he did kill Osama Bin Laden… but I thought we couldn’t talk about that because it makes the terrorists angry and they attack and kill our Ambassadors abroad.  And I thought the death penalty was anathema to the Left… particularly an execution… apparently I need a Leftist to sort all of that out for me.

When the world is headed in what you think is the right (Socialist/One World) direction, why get involved and only interfere?

Appeasement is painless when momentum is in your favor.

Unfortunately, momentum is in his favor.

Enjoy the debates… don’t drink too much, we need you at your private sector job tomorrow.