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When did Socialism become a Race?

If there is any doubt my being an Anti-Socialist, you don’t read enough of my crap. But a quick primer might be necessary regarding Socialism…

It requires Force.

It requires Balkanization.

It requires the Magical absence of Self Interest and Self Preservation.

It results in unintended consequences.

It is a, if not The, Governing Theory of Oppression and Subjugation.

But until recently… it has not been classified as a Racial Ethnicity.

I had an interesting conversation evening before last.  We had a friend over who brought a date.  So far so good…

After an enjoyable dinner and pleasant chit-chat… patter… whatever…  the subject of Obama Care came up.  We began to discuss the economic ramifications of the legislation and the detrimental effects yet to be realized on top of what is already happening.  (It should be noted that I make no separation between Politics and Economics.  I believe that is one of the biggest attempts to confuse and mislead our college going youth ever perpetuated.)  So, of course, the conversation moved into the Socialist underpinnings of Obama Care, why it is anathema to the Founding Fathers intent and what we should desire in this most unique Country.

It was at this point that “the date” said she just couldn’t go there with me because she was a Political Science Major.  She was concerned she would embarrass me with her intellect and knowledge on the subject.

So my eyes lit up and I begged, pleaded and cajoled her to school me in political philosophy.

This led us to a long, tortured, back and forth while she explained to me everything I already know about the Elitist Liberal mindset and how you folks are simply too stupid to know what’s best for you and even on the outside chance you stumble upon the “right” decision you never make it.  And, my attempting to explain that being “free” is having the natural right to make the wrong decision even when you know what the “right” one is…

She then went on to educate me on Mixed Economies and how we are one.  And, I attempted to explain how Free-Market Capitalism and Socialism are mutually exclusive Governing Theories which made the real problem our trying to exercise both in this country.

After several more pauses and the repeatedly expressed desire to terminate our conversation because I was possibly not equipped mentally to understand what she was explaining to me, she took one last shot at teaching me about evolutionary government and “the benefits of Democracy as it is used to move us in towards our Collective goals”.  (I sh*t you not.  Her words.)

It was here that I cut to the chase.

I tried to illustrate the basic, most fundamental, difference between what I, and the Founding Fathers, believed versus what she was taught in school.  (She made it clear to me she received all “A’s”… and I don’t doubt it.)


I stated My preferred Theory of Government is one where Force is absent…  What Force that exists must be reserved to the States and local communities because one can always leave that State or local community.  Force, again what of it should exist, must be kept close to home so we can “reach out and touch” those attempting to apply it, or escape from it all together.

I then challenged her to explain to me how Her preferred system of Government does not require Force at every level…

She delved again into Democracy, which I quickly dispatched as Mob Rule.  What was stunning was it appeared to be the first time the A-student Political Science Major had ever heard that indictment of Democracy.  (Again, I believe that.)

I took this opportunity to offer how Socialism/Statism covers everything from Fascism to Theocracy to Communism to Monarchy… all theories of force.

The Political Science Major looked right at me and said “Monarchy Worked for thousands of years!”

After a pregnant pause I asked her how it worked if not for Force?

She finally looked at me and said “You just don’t like the guy in the White House…”  (She was implying it was because of his skin color.  But this is what cognitive dissonance does when one runs out of rational arguments to use in order to validate their point of view.)

While I shouldn’t have had to, I simply replied that I don’t care Who is in the Office… I disagree with how the current guy, and many others in the past, Think.  I explained to her that I will never find favor with those who wish to remove my Liberty and Independence with force of Government.

It was at this point that we decided to terminate the evening.  Smiles and hugs were handed out upon their departure.

(This is a heavily edited version of am hour-long exchange.  There were also the other players in the room, but I left them out for simplicity sake.  Also for the sake of brevity I omitted the discussion surrounding The Default State of Economics and American Exceptionalism… in addition to the multiple protestations from our Political Scientist when I referred to her ideas as Socialist in nature.)

So why am I tapping about this?

There is a concerted effort to attach Race to Socialism.

In other words, If you disagree with Socialism, or more specifically a Socialist, you are a Racist.

This is dangerous not just to the Country, but to every Individual.  We are being set up.  And it is becoming too easy for those who wish to create this kind of relationship between one of the most oppressive theories of government known to the mankind and minority groups to make such statements without challenge.

This is the line that cannot be allowed crossed.

It is upon hearing this that we must all stand up and challenge the very Foundation of what those who wish to imply Racism, and apply Force, are saying.  We must expose them not just to all those around them… but in many cases, to themselves.  (I do believe the Political Science Major had the “best of intentions” in her heart… but she had used that feeling to shield herself from reason.  She had abandoned using her Mind.)

In the end I had to Beg this person to patronize me, educate me and stay with the debate in order to travel with her down a road which may cause her to reflect in her private moments.  I did not expect, at any point, to “win”.  I did not expect her to acknowledge or affirm anything I was saying as correct.  The only reason I engaged her was that she votes… she influences others… and she is a Political Science Major which holds weight with some folks in polite conversation…  her unchallenged opinion may matter to others at some point.

And most importantly, I was also not going to allow her to validate her mindset with something as petty and cheap as positioning me as a Racist.

It was my obligation to do so… as it is yours.

Maybe, just maybe our conversation may haunt her and cause her to re-evaluate her world-view.

I am full of Hope… for Change.