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Al Roker’s Unfortunate Event

There Has been a little more talk about Al Roker’s defecating in his pants when meeting President Bush than should be necessary in my opinion.

This story has an air about it that infers an unusual occurance.  I would offer that we, as a country, have seen many journalist and media types in the throws of certain bodily releases when meeting, discussing or simply listening to President Barack Obama.  (Chris Mathews comes to mind.)

I would also offer that Mr. Roker’s reaction is not at all unusual.  I too had this same experience at about 9pm EST on November 6th 2012… albeit for possibly different reasons.  Although, since it was Al Roker meeting George W. Bush it might have been for very similar ones.

So let’s just allow Al to put his business behind him.

Go grab yourself a steaming hot cup of Black Ivory and let your entire body relax…

(Update:  It appears to have happened again…)