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A Big, Fat, Slow 777

Where Oh Where Could You Be?

Why would Anyone Want One?

Well, if you’re a Terrorist A-hole, or a country that Love’s Them, an intact 777 could be very useful.

We have demonstrated a reluctance to shoot down Airliners… for reasons most of us can understand. That is not a mistake most of us would want to have stored in our minds.  Would You want to be That Guy?

So let’s pretend you have a weapon… let’s make it a big one like a Nuke. You know that a Missile can be tracked to it’s origin… but Airliners are everywhere all the time.

Let’s now pretend that you REALLY want to send your Weapon somewhere and set it off. But you’re not so interested in having other people who have Weapons knowing for sure where it came from.

Ok… we’ll go back for a minute. If you’re a terrorist A-hole, or Country that Loves Them, the odds are your Weapon is not the most advanced type. It’s probably Big and possibly Fragile. Even An Aspiring A-Hole might recognize you would need a means of delivery that was Big Enough and Gentle Enough to get your Weapon to where you wanted it to go.  FedEx will not work in this case.

It would also be a Hugh Benefit if the place you wanted to send it was loathe to blow it out of the sky.  Hmmmm….

Throw in the fact that just like Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, Close Counts. (We’re talking about a Nuke here…)

Just Chew on that for a little while and then read about what the Israeli’s are thinking…

(In the End, Flight 370 was hi-jacked because it was loaded with $370 Million in Bit Coin.  Find the Plane… Find the Bit Coin.)