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Trick or Drink!

In our Undisclosed Location we have what most of us consider a “Charming” Tradition each October 31st.

‘Tis a time-honored Tradition passed down from generation to generation.

‘Tis a Tradition we would like to share with you…

So, The time has come.  Many Cycles of the Moon we have waited…  to collect our offerings…

As the Sun is low on All Hallows Eve we wrest our Ceremonial Goblets from the mantle and quietly traverse the path from Hut to Hut…

Trick… or Drinking.

With a slow approach nearing each new abode you can hear the merry jingle of glass decanters eagerly awaiting our impending arrival.

Rap, Rap, Rapping upon the threshold, bright excited eyes greet us and smiles break with the cheery peal of “Trick or Drink!”. 

Due enthusiasm erupts as our newly obliged hosts pour each and all a small helping of an alcoholic elixir meeting their fancy. Once all have imbibed, and rejoicing has been had, we set out anew with our merry troop growing by those last visited.

On a short time indeed, and many a dwelling set upon, the troop is now a hoard and the howl a battle cry needing supped.  We know no mercy and besiege all those not wary enough to douse their candles.

‘Tis Now, The Entire Village awakes and all are alight with the anticipation of bountiful distilled goodies.

All too are aware that as the twilight slips below the horizon, wee beggars donning the garb of ghouls and goblins shall arrive threatening us for different, far sweeter prizes…

And as soon as it had begun, it is over for a year on… until the next Day before All Saints.

Cheers to you all!  And, Happy Halloween!

(In case you’re wondering, the only trick any of us know is lighting your house on fire.  You’ve been warned.)