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The Death of Occupy?

Is it possible that the MacBook using Starbucks drinking Hippie chic middle class unemployed children have taken the time to think about what they were saying?

Where are they?

Are they used to taking the summer off?   I’m sure the stressful grind of doing minor chores like cleaning their room at their parents houses must be demanding but how long can that take?

The only explanation I can come up with is their proximity to each other over the last year or so has forced them to listen to themselves.  It is possible… I stress “possible”… that some of these kids were intelligent enough to realize participation in a Free-Market Capitalist society is the only way to preserve one’s independence and freedom and got a job.  It’s possible…

However, it’s more likely they lost interest.  So where are they?

It is my understanding that the production of Adderall has been reduced due to the abuse… which brings up two points.

For those who need it, they don’t have it.  They will be too distracted to maintain interest in not bathing and being mad at “the man” while getting jacked up on expensive joe.

For those who abuse it, they don’t have it.  While they will still miss-spell signs, they will not have the energy to maintain their drum banging protest directed at issues they can’t explain.

We’ll see if they crawl out of their parent’s basement in the next few months…

But right now… it’s summer time.

Mom and Dad need the lawn mowed.