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Huma Keeps a Firm Grip on Weiner

In what appears to be a move to maintain the Husband-Wife confidentiality Privilege, it could be interpreted to mean Legal Trouble on the horizon for Mr. and Mrs. Danger.

Stayed to see the next Installment of Humanthony.


An Aside… What Ever Happened to Brian Pagliano?


Minority Rights!

One Must believe in Minority Rights!

There is no greater responsibility we all have than to protect the Minority…

If you agree with me then you Must also find yourself on the side of protecting the Individual, as it is he who is the Ultimate Minority.

This understanding means there cannot be special rights for Religious Groups, Racial Groups, Age Groups or Groups based on Gender.

It means that all Men are created equal.

It means all Crime is Hate Crime.

It means all men must have the same Inalienable Natural Right to Freedom and Liberty before the law.

It means that a person’s station in life does not afford them special consideration.

It means men cannot elevate themselves above the laws others must abide by.

It means anyone who opposes the Protection of Individual Liberty and Freedom is a Bigot.

It means the Only Rights are Individual Rights.

Only a perversion of the word Minority could mean anything else.


You still Care about the IRS Targeting Political Enemies?


This is Cool.

A Real Time logging of events in an easy to follow time-line.

Enjoy… between intermittent fits of anger and sobs.

Good Enough for Thee but not for Me.

As of this afternoon:

Congress gets a waiver from Obama Care.

Should I be surprised that our Congressional Representatives and their Staff have placed themselves Above the Law the rest of us must endure?


Should any of us be surprised?


How much more of this are we going to take?


The record is skipping and it seems no one cares.

When Federal Government can do whatever it wants and get away with it…

…then why not the local Governments?

How can you expect them to know what is legal when it’s never been an issue for them in the past?
And, when it is demonstrably not an issue at any level now?  One might suppose they believe themselves Above the Law… but I would offer they have no real knowledge of it.  The odd’s are, even their Prosecutors and Defense Attorney’s never took Constitutional Law when they secured their licenses to practice.  But that’s another very sad story, and I digress.

We all know about the two ladies shot up during the hunt for the ex-cop in Los Angeles… We’ve heard the stories about the wrong homes being broken into and family dogs being killed when the local authorities were looking for drug dealers… or people being arrested for filming a publically funded process of law enforcement…

But now a story from Las Vegas: What happens when you say “no“.

The sad part is it will be US who pay when the appropriate judgment comes in against the city.  It is always the US, the taxpayers, who lose both with the infringement of our rights then the confiscation of our production.

Who is left to stand up for the Individual?

But again, can you expect publically educated police officers to know your rights?  And… why should they?

(Note: The Las Vegas Incident was not the action of a single “rogue” police officer… this was an organized operation with many persons involved, any of whom could have said “You know, I don’t think this is a very good idea.  Seems kind of Unconstitutional to me.”  This is the same concern I have with Edward Snowden, which is; Where are the literally hundreds of others involved in Domestic Spying who should have blown or be blowing the whistle?  Where are those we trust saying “You know, I don’t think this is a very good idea.  Seems kind of Unconstitutional to me.”?)