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The Army is not The Military

The Army is Part of The Military.

Listening to the latest “You wanted Cuts? Fine… we’re going to get rid of all the police, firemen and teachers!” rhetoric from The Current Administration I have noticed the Media is intentionally, or unintentionally because they don’t have the education to perform their function, confusing The Army with entirety of The Military.

Chuck Hagel is proposing a reduction in the size of The Army to pre-WWII levels.  Not “The whole Military”.

If you’ve been here before you already know WORDS MEAN THINGS.

But Meaning has no place when the intent is to inflame.

The proposed “Cuts” being threatened for The Army might not be a bad idea. While it could impair my sincere, and long-held, desire to Annex Mexico by rolling Armor from Ft. Bliss, there is no doubt that our MILITARY, which The Army is a part of, wastes a Crap-load of our taxpayer dollars.  I will also take this opportunity to remind anyone who’s bored enough to read this blog that the “Cut’s” in question are composed of a mere 5% cut in THE GROWTH of the budgets… and they are Fungible.  Don’t know what that means?  Look it up.

(As an aside, I can personally attest to the waste… reflected by the explosions heard near Military Bases, Forts etc. in Late September (End of the Government Fiscal Year) because all of the unused ordinance has to be used (destroyed) in order to avoid getting your budget for splody things cut.  There’s nothing wrong with the Ordinance… it just has to be used.  It is a bizarre, if not profoundly stupid, way to manage other people’s money, unless you don’t really care about other people’s money.  And that’s just one small example… there’s an entire $34 Million Dollar Military Base we built in Afghanistan and never occupied… the list goes on.)

But Why the intentional, giving the Media the benefit of the doubt, confusion?

This is nothing more than a specifically crafted message to reach out and freak out a constituency whose primary identity was formed when they were between the ages of 18 to 22… And, that’s how they vote.  (Full disclosure: I have a couple of these friends and I love them.  But single issue voters of all Flavors seem to transcend Reason.)

The Left knows full well that the above described voters, while singularly supporting the automotive decal industry, vote almost always against Socialists… Almost always…  The Left also knows that should they be able to reduce the size of The Military they can claim to have “Reduced the Size of Government!” which was a tactic Bill Clinton used when he was President.  His Administration talking heads would often follow that statement up with “That’s what you Conservatives Want Right?”  No additional comment was ever allowed by the Mainstream Interviewer…

It is an issue designed to disrupt.

This is what is called a “Wedge Issue”.  Why?  Because it is design to drive a Wedge between those of us who recognize our Government, which The Military is a part of, wastes our money and those who tend to vote with us who believe The Military, which The Army is a part of, spends each and every dollar with the focused attention of a Wizened Miser.

In the end this is just an attempt by the Progressives to divide an angry voting base looking forward to nailing Liberals this election cycle while desperately trying to find issues to run on when Obama Care is their greatest success.

The fact that the Mainstream Press is playing along, as usual, with the narrative desired by the Left is no surprise… just Annoying.

Watching certain individuals out there consuming this message without any critical thought is also no surprise… just Depressing.

Having those who I respect lend to the confusion is also, unfortunately, no surprise… just Sobering.

And, I Hate to be Sober.