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Don’t Vote Against Barack!

Do Not Vote For Mitt…

And… Do Not Throw Your Vote Away on Gary!

Please take a moment to think this through…

It’s not enough to vote the “right” way, unless it’s for the “right” reason.

It is not Obama, the man, that we are Fighting Against. It should not be Romney, the man, that we are Fighting For… And, while I like Gary Johnson, I don’t need anyones permission… or approval… to get stoned if I choose too.

The 2012 Election is all about the War between Capitalism and Socialism (plus all its variants) with the future of the United States hanging in the balance. The Ideologies are mutually exclusive.  The choice is Clear.  It is as simple as that.

The election is not about Abortion, Special Rights for Minorities or Big Bird. While these are issues we should be discussing… like, why should one person have more rights than I do… no matter happens with these “Paramount Problems” it will not result in the complete and total collapse of the Greatest Nation on Earth.

You Are Being Distracted.

It is Intentional.

The Socialists cannot argue ideology because they know you’ll start gathering wood for the ensuing stake burning.

The Capitalists will not argue ideology because, most of them have no idea what it means. And those that do, know that you have been subjected to 60 years of programming, confusion and outright misinformation provided by our government schools… so you don’t know what it means either.  Those “in the know” could come out of the closet and preach the gospel of Voluntary Cooperation… but you would look at them like they have three heads and were speaking in tongues.


You are being asked to reduce this election to a beauty contest between two Men who cannot tell you the truth.

The Truth is you have a choice between a genuinely Crappy Socialist (who like’s beer…) and a Squishy, Vacillating, Poorly Grounded Consitutional Conservative (who does not like beer… not a plus.)

On behalf of Mr. Squishy and Vacillating, I would offer that Constitutional Conservatives have yet to destroy any economies… oppress individuals… subjugate peoples… enslave populations… systematically starve their enemies… etc.

The Socialists have, and continue to, perform all the above tasks with alarming skill.  With only the best of intentions, and preaching “Fairness” while doing it.

This election comes down to a simple question that has nothing to do with the likability of the individuals running. Instead, it has everything to do with the Ideology they support.

So, I ask you… Do we put the final nail in the coffin of Free-Market Capitalism and Individual Liberty that this country has the opportunity to return to by Voting for Force, the ideology embodied by Barack Obama?


Do we elect the only option we have that may slow the decent and, hopefully with our relentless engagement, begin to undo 100 years of Fabian Socialist policies?

We have seen clearly the illustration of that old adage “Once you go Socialist you never go back.” And contrary to the 1%, like the Kennedy’s/Kerry’s/Reid’s/Pelosi’s, we are not better off for it.

Please make an effort to understand the stark differences between the ideologies.  Then, and only then, go vote.  After that… stay engaged and don’t let these people get away with turning this great country into Greece.  I don’t think it’s too much to ask.

Have you ever had Retsina?  Not good.


I’m Going to Lose!

“I’m going to lose, I’m going to lose, I’m going to lose…” – President Obama

“He’s going to lose, he’s going to lose, he’s going to lose…” – Democratic Strategists

“Yes he is.” – Random Guy at Makeaneffort

But this isn’t just about Managing Debate Expectations of a President that is tethered to a teleprompter…

Let me ask you when in your lifetime can you recall a President, or any elected official for that matter, publically stating he may not do well in upcoming debates?  Take your time.

That’s what I thought.

This is about writing history before you can write it for yourself. This is about telling us why we think Barack Obama lost.  The Democrats, and their Media outlets, must control why you and the rest of the world believe the President was defeated.

After watching the last 72 hours of the news cycles I’m convinced that the President knows he is going to lose.  I don’t mean lose the debates, although he knows that too, I mean the entire election.  And, not only does he know that, the Democratic Party elites know that as well.

As we’ve talked about before, the Democrat Party will support Obama right up until they feel he will be defeated… and that time has come.  The long knives are out and this President will be thrust upon his failed foreign policy by his previously loyal Liberal allies… for the sake of the party.

You must understand why this is happening.  The Democrat party cannot allow this president to be defeated on the basis of his socialist economic views or his socialist approach to foreign policy.  In other words, yes, he will lose… but not because he is a Socialist.  That can simply never happen.

If the Democrats fail to control the narrative and the conversation turns to one of ideology, they know they will lose not only the presidency but their entire philosophical foundation.  That can also never happen.

So the full court press of message control and damage control is on.  It starts with this run up to the debates.

Obama will lose the debates… all of them.

You will be told he lost them because the Middle East has erupted into a cauldron of hatred and deeply seeded wish for the destruction of “the west”.  It will be positioned carefully that the situation “while outside of his control” occurred on his watch and the American people are holding him responsible because they just don’t understand.  (read: not smart enough to see what great president he is.)

The talking heads will do everything they can to move the economy to the back burner if not off of the stove completely.

Obama must be cast as a victim, in this case, of the world.

This now becomes all about Statist Party Preservation. While this presidents Ego is so large, and he has surrounded himself with just the right number of sycophants that tell him he can win, I do not think he is stupid.  He sees, just as I do, members of his party hitting the news nets and openly questioning his policies.  As I stated at the beginning of this key pounding, I have watched the press carefully this week.  It is clear to me that the rats are running down the ropes.

I invite you to do the same.  Begin to watch closely.  We effectively have 4-weeks until decision 2012… start looking for the Democrat Elder Statesmen, as well as random Liberal Spokespersons, to condemn this administration for its handling of the Benghazi attack and the current Middle East situation. Look for the same behavior on Fast and Furious which is back on the table thanks to Univision, not exactly a  bastion of conservation thought.  Remember, Obama will lose because of ANYTHING but being a Socialist.  (Pay no attention to the Republicans as I expect it from them… but specifically the Democrats who if not cheerleading should be very, very quiet this close to a Presidential election where their guy needs their support.)

Don’t miss the Debate on Wednesday night.  It should be worth it.  I’m going to count the “uh’s” and “um’s” as well as any other guttural pauses which may occur.  My record for a Obama speaking event is currently 161.  It keeps it interesting when they’re busy saying nothing.  Warning… do not make this a drinking game unless you plan to take the rest of the week off.

Ref: Throwing Obama from the Train

Gage the Rage

Let’s play a game…

See if you can, GAGE THE RAGE!  (Make it sound like the Pro Bass and Tackle Show is in town and “You’ll BUY THE WHOLE SEAT, BUT YOU”LL ONLY USE THE EDGE… THE EDGE… The Edge… the edge…)

Two U.S. Law enforcement officers are killed in the line of duty by Mexican Drug Cartel members using weapons supplied to them by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE aka BATF) using our taxpayer dollars.


Women having to purchase their birth control for $9 a month.

Gage the Rage!

OK…  how about this one;

A U.S. Ambassador and his security team are assassinated by terrorists on U.S. soil


U.S. voters being required to produce legal identification to vote in U.S. elections.

Gage the Rage!

Having fun yet?  OK, OK, OK… how about;

The United States of America printing money faster than ever before in her history driving all of us into an apocalyptic fiscal collapse reminiscent of Weimar Germany.


A $1 fee instituted by banks on all ATM transactions.

And finally,

try this one out…

Iran and North Korea get nuclear weapons, a Caliphate is established in the Middle East, All of the Israelis are marched into the sea and the United States takes the last step to becoming fully socialist.


A Mediocre Presidential candidate who makes a factual statement about 47% of the U.S. citizenry not paying any Federal Income taxes.

Say it with me….   GAGE THE RAGE!

This should be a drinking game… one I would most likely lose.

No Time to Lose!

An Open Letter to the Presidential Re-Election Campaign Committee.

To Those Concerned,

It’s my humble recommendation that you take a lesson from the members of the Democrat party who ran for office two years ago as well as those running for office in 2012.

Upfront, let me be clear…

When you have a powerful supporter, we all understand you must continue to nurture his support.


When the situation arises that this supporter goes out to rally the troops, so to speak, and your support takes a hit in terms of percentages lost you need think hard about having him speak again.  This is true especially when, as in 2010, when this supporter’s endorsement almost guaranteed defeat for the politicians running for office.  This could be true again in 2012.

When your supporter has professional and personal ties to terrorists, communists, socialists, shady lending deals, corrupt politicians who are now in jail, radical religious leaders, heavy drug use and a certain detachment from the common voter as demonstrated by endless, and well publicized, vacations and parties you might want to put some distance between both of you in the nicest possible way.

When this supporter seems to always say things off script and “out of context”… seemingly with no control when left to his own devices and speaking from his heart, there needs to be a strong but polite barrier built. The same way many of your Democrat colleagues have and are doing right now.

While we all understand the importance of not burning a bridge….
There is no time to lose!
If you want to get President Barack Obama re-elected you need to put some serious distance between the Presidential Re-Election Campaign and Barack Obama.

There is simply too much at stake to allow him any further involvement.  None.

Remember though… just try to be nice about it.

Maybe a “Beer Summit”?

Finest Regards and Good Luck,