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Are we still at War?

Where are all of the “on location” correspondents?

Where are the pictures of body bags and flag draped coffins?

Why did we pass the 2000 dead  this week in Afghanistan without so much as a peep out of the media?

I seem to recall each one of the above “mile-stones” being headline news for the networks and “major” U.S. newspapers.  Why don’t they seem to care now?

Now that President Obama thoroughly owns the war in Afghanistan as well as military action around the world, where are the cries from the U.S. press regarding their ability to take pictures of caskets returning home? Where is the push to splash these photographs across the covers of Time and Newsweek?
Where is the outrage from the U.S. Leftists regarding the President having a “kill list”?
Where is the homegrown organized-offended when the President kills U.S. citizens with missiles from 10,000 feet above?
Where are the Leftists now that their leader is “spending money on senseless war”?

Why is there no anger over this Administration directly aiding the Egyptians to impose a Theocratic government positioned as an improvement to a dictatorship?  Just a decade ago such involvement would be considered “ignorance” regarding the nuances of foreign policy and issues of state.
I don’t seem to hear the constant drone of the Elitists when it comes to the tough talk and war drums being beaten in regard to Iran…
I guess we need a new, conservative, President so the media will again take interest in the horrors of war.
If there is any doubt in regard to bias of the press… there shouldn’t be.