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Texas sized Balls and the 10th Amendment

Governor Rick Perry’s latest move to put the Texas National Guard on the Border has most certainly caused indigestion at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

I have no doubt that the Administration is desperately trying to find a way, a ‘need’, to call up the Texas Guard for overseas deployment as I tap this out.  If the President and his men can figure out how to send some troops overseas without ‘sending troops overseas’ and removing them from the southern border you’ll be hearing about it soon.  I suspect very soon.

This raises an interesting, and often danced around, issue.  What value remains in the 10th Amendment?

I believe the current Marxist/Socialist ‘thinkers’ at the White House, and those same useful types spread through Congress, are looking for a fight over States Rights.  I’ve touched on this in ‘Attacking the 10th’.

And, this move by the Governor of deploying His State’s Army/Militia might be the straw the camel cannot carry.

I don’t have a particular feeling for Governor Perry one way or the other, but I certainly have strong feelings when it comes to a Limited Federal Government and “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people..  So I happen to think this is a bit of genius.  In fact, Arizona would be wise to follow suit.

Why?  Because I too am looking for a fight over States Rights.  I’m ready for a melee revolving around very, very clear language found in the Bill of Rights.  I long for a serious Constitutional and Founding Documents debate in which the Left initiates and which has nothing to do with giving away more of our tax money, some new gender or a freshly fabricated Offense.

How would this fight come about?  All that has to happen is for Obama to request the Texas National Guard to go somewhere, anywhere other then the border, and for Perry to reply ‘Sorry, they’re busy.’.  While most folks have no idea that the Governors must OK the deployment of they’re respective Guard units… most folks have no idea period but I digress… They do have control and the ability to say ‘No.’.

It will be interesting to see what happens.


Attacking the 10th

(I had to sit and watch a panel this morning discuss Obama Care.  They had an “Architect” of The Affordable Care Act (It’s hard to say that out loud without a small laugh… but anyway) forwarding the claim that Obama Care was “The most Bi-Partisan piece of legislation ever passed”.  Gruber, the Architect, then went on to explain that Mitt Romney had championed this plan in Massachusetts. Ed Rollins then chimed in relaying the fact that Obama Care was forced upon the American People without a single Republican vote.  Not one.  He left out that Republicans were even prohibited from entering conference rooms where the act was being discussed by the Democrats, the majority party, prior to passage….

Two things struck me during this discussion… First, strangely everybody seems to have been an “Architect” of Obama Care if they are a Democrat and not in jeopardy of losing their elected position.  And second, there was no mention of the 10th Amendment which allows for State Government to do horrible things to their populations.  It’s the great Laboratory where terrible ideas like the Affordable Care Act can be enacted and fail miserably before being pushed down the throats of all Americans.

It is this failure to “Argue the 10th” that removes what I consider an important foundational building block of the argument against the Destruction of the Greatest Health Care System in the World in the hopes of Realizing a Socialist Utopian Dream of Single Payer Health Care controlled by the Federal Government.

In other words, it doesn’t matter that Mitt Romney, with the heavy aid of Ted Kennedy, got Socialized Health Care passed in Massachusetts.  It was, and is, a Bad Idea regardless of who championed it.  Even the Democrats favorite talking point addressing the Heritage Foundations support is now vacant as the Heritage Foundation no longer sees the benefit of the idea.  But referring to Heritage has become like Halliburton, the Koch Brothers and Representatives for Big Oil for Liberals.  None of which if they walked up and slapped them directly in the face could these Regurgitator’s of Talking Points recognize who they were.  But that will always be the case.

Anyway… here you go.)

If there is one amendment that suffers the hatred of the Left more than any other its the 10th.  I’ll give you a few minutes to look it up…

Never mind, here it is: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

OK.  As you now see clearly it is the amendment that reserves what is not enumerated in the Constitution as the Federal Government’s responsibility to be reserved to the states.  Whoa!

For Socialists/Statists this is the worst amendment there is.  This is why it has been so important to take over education of our children so the importance of this amendment to the functionality of our government would no longer be taught.  And they have succeeded.  Just for fun ask the next three people you see to explain it to you…

To understand this hatred of the 10th you have to understand how Statists operate.  Since they know whats best for you and everybody else, the idea that you can move out from underneath their great ideas cannot be tolerated.  In other words, if you don’t like the idea that a government inspector is force feeding your child chicken nuggets instead of the apple and turkey sandwich you packed them for lunch, you could move to another state.  Clearly, since you have no idea whats best for your child this can not be allowed.

The 10th amendment was designed to facilitate a laboratory of ideas with states adopting the most successful approaches of governing from other states.  It was also a way of states to avoid those ideas that were horrible as evidenced by their neighbors experience.  It is a way of exchanging best practices so to speak.

Well, Statists/leftists already know their ideas are the best ones simply because they thought of them.  They certainly do not need to compete (God forbid) in the arena of ideas.  This is why they set out to demean, disregard and hopefully destroy the 10th amendment so their brilliance can be imposed uniformly on every citizen without the opportunity of escape.

The Left has gone so far as calling the few still around who understand the importance of the 10th amendment “Tenther’s”.  Yes, its a play on “Birther’s” who are the idiots who think it’s important to enforce the requirement that the President of the United States be born here.  (For the left all these rules are a pain and only get in the way of the perfect global government… like the UN.  Remember, it’s escape from their ideas that they want to stop more than anything.)

The current tactic (over the last 75 years) is to simply disregard the 10th amendment while making sure that Why this part of the Constitution is so important is not taught in schools.  (In fact, you can even become a lawyer without taking Constitutional law… that’s right… you can practise law without understanding its foundation.  Stunning!)  They know that eventually they can go after it directly because once the Federal government has enough power over the individual that the 10th will be so irrelevant as to serve no purpose.  Keep in mind, once the 10th is irrelevant so is the Constitution.

So, if you really want to annoy the Left… study the U.S. Constitution.  Take some extra time to delve into the amendments and why they were considered integral to a properly functioning government.

I recommend https://constitution.hillsdale.edu/ who offer a free college level course on the U.S.Constitution.  (If you have read me in the past you know I don’t typically recommend books or other outside work… this is a rare exception.)

A note:  It is also important more now than ever to listen carefully.  The Left will use “the states” and “The State” interchangeably with the intent of keeping you confused.  “The State” is referring to the Federal government.  “The states” refers to any of the 50 states in the U.S.  Once you start paying attention you will be appalled at what is actually being said.

It will make you want to drink…  which I’m going to go do now.

Why Lie?

Now we know they Lied… all of them….  read that again slowly… they… lied.

But why?

Why Lie about the nature of the attack on our consulate (American Soil) in Libya?

Why has our Press tolerated our Administration Lying to us about the death of our Ambassador?

Why the coverup?

…just some questions.

Could it be that the only aspect of this Presdiency remaining perceived as successful was Obama’s Foreign Policy?

Could it be that the Administration was so married to having “Defeated Al Qaeda” that they couldn’t admit there was a tie to the attack?  (This would effectively diminish any positive results of Obama’s Drone Diplomacy.)

Could it be that this is the foreign version of Fast and Furious?  In other words, we (the U.S. Taxpayer) funded the up-arming of the individuals who used those weapons to attack the consulate?

Could it be that President Obama knows that the campaign for re-election is not going his way and desperately needed at least one issue he could debate on?

Could it be that it is all the above…

If any of these questions have validity, then expect to see only “moral relativism” and reliance on the ignorance of the American electorate on stage for the first debate.

It will be all the President has left.

We will see an attempt to ignore the existence of the 10th Amendment…  we will see an attempt by President Obama to highlight the “similarities” between himself and Governor Romney. Obama will do this not to gain votes, but rather in the hope of suppressing the turnout for his opponent.

I can hear the “man on the street” post-debate interviews now, probably already completed as of this typing; “I really don’t see the difference between the two men” – said Joe/Jane Shmoe who has yet to make a decision as to which candidate to vote for, etc, etc.  A statement meant to seem “reasoned” and appealing to “independent” minds.  While it is neither, somehow I’m sure this will be the typical sound bite regardless of how the debate turns out for the President and will appeal to Populists everywhere..

This is the last gasp.

When the Ends Justify the Means and Everything is at Stake, you Lie.  Setting down Alinsky and Pulling out The Prince at this point is desperate.


Could it be the President knows he has lost?

Ref: Attacking the 10th

A Suggested Response for Arizona…

Since the Executive Branch of the United States has unilaterally decided what laws to enforce and what laws will be ignored…
I suggest Arizona return the favor.
From this point forward and until the Federal government returns to its responsibility of enforcing all the laws of the land including those they find distasteful, Arizona should unilaterally cease to enforce certain laws originating from the Federal Government.  Particularly, but not limited to, those laws and regulations originating from departments falling under the jurisdiction of the Executive Branch.
I would offer up everything from the EPA… then the Dept. of Education… and follow up with the DEA and FBI.  You could throw in the IRS for good measure.
They don’t have to be overt about it… just radio silence, so to speak. Simply stop cooperating.  Call it operation “All Quiet on the Western Front”.

It is time to argue the 10th Amendment and states rights.
Arizona simply wants to defend their sovereignty… and the Left is hell-bent on defending their welfare dependant potential voters at the Federal level.
I happen to favor a simple solution to the immigration problem that I have outlined in a previous post titled La Gran Mentira. It does not extend citizenship rights to foreign workers. It does not allow for union membership of foreign workers. It does, however, make it easy for foreigners to come to the U.S. and work if that is what they choose to do. It also respects the fact that whatever money they make is their to do with what the wish. And… yes they will have to pay taxes just as we do anywhere else in the world we choose to work… without the right citizens of those countries enjoy.
This is not hard.
But my solution does not provide for the foreign workers to be stripped of their wages by compulsory Union dues. And it does not allow for them to head to the voting booth in order to effect the lives of millions of Americans with their vote.
If they find having Union bosses steal from them and voting for more of it to be desirable they will have to get in line like everyone else not born here.
I welcome them.

Frankly I find naturalized citizens to be better Americans on the whole as they know why it is here that they want to b e versus the country they left behind.
So… to make a long missive longer. Let’s start a fight and have not only a national debate, but a national education on what Federalism means and how this republic was designed. It certainly hasn’t happened in our public schools for the last 50 years… and we are all suffering for it.

Mitt supports slavery!

I’ve alluded to this recently, but I think I need to make the case a little more clearly.
The Statist/Left (remember that republicans are not excluded from this group) wants Mitt Romney to be the GOP nominee because the only thing that matters is the preservation of Obama Care.  And the fight they want to set up is over the 10th amendment… which they believe, correctly, nobody understands.

Here’s how this is going to go down.  Because Mitt continues to support Obama Care at the state level, he is going to argue that Obama Care is unconstitutional and should be left to the states per the 10th amendment.  It is all he has.

Since nobody understands the 10th amendment, the Left is ready with their reply.  “So you support making abortion illegal?!?” (targeting women.)  “So you support slavery?!?” (targeting minorities)  It’s brilliant in that it targets the Lefts two primary constituencies. It’s simple and repeatable… and reprehensible given that it relies on your ignorance as all of Leftist/Statist progress depends.

I don’t think I can make this any clearer.

There should be no greater goal than to dismantle Obama Care immediately.  Not only is it the crown jewel of the Leftist agenda since they have achieved practically every other policy they’ve wished for, but it is the nail in the coffin of any hope to return to fiscal solvency in this country.  I’m not kidding here… nor am I blowing it out of proportion.

We are currently in the fiscal mess we are in due to medicaid/medicare and social security.  The solution to this problem is NOT adding another huge entitlement which will accelerate our already rapid decline.  (I know some of you are asking… why would anyone want to do this?  Because the Statists want a total collapse of capitalism so they can rebuild the U.S. into the social utopia they have dreamt about for decades.  They are on record stating this.  These are smart, and terribly misguided people consumed by what they think are the “best of intentions”.  Ref: Cloward/Piven)

The Progressives have a long history of using the parts of the Constitution combined with the ignorance of the public (which they have invested 75 years of their time and energy to make sure existed via the public schools) to destroy Capitalism.

Think clearly when you cast your vote.

In the end I will always vote for the least socialist candidate from one of the two parties… but let’s try to make a difference when we can, and that time is now during the primaries.