Joe Biden is Shovel Ready

A little somethin’ caught my eye this morning on Twitchy.  (here)

Apparently, Joe Biden decided to haze President Trump regarding infrastructure.

(Holy Mouse Turds!)  Sorry… let me put it another way… I must admit I perk up a bit when I hear this phrase as I, among many of us, thought we spent ONE TRILLION DOLLARS on infrastructure projects during the 8-year Obama/Biden Administration. This, of course, leads me to the next logical question.  WHERE THE H*LL DID THAT MONEY GO?

But Joe insists that the infrastructure is Crumbling.

I insist that it is Joe that is crumbling… as well as stumbling and bumbling.

Maybe he’s just dipped into his son’s stash?


Take a trip with me down memory lane and regurgitate the ever so familiar Obama talking point “Shovel Ready Jobs”.  A quick Google search of “shovel ready jobs” yields 8,160,000 articles.

Many of us here already know that money was wasted, or simply used to replenish Union Coffers to then be sent back to Democrats via campaign donations.  That’s when we realized that Shovel Ready actually related more to the process of cleaning up after your dog.  But I digress.

Very, Very, Old Joe might need to Shut the Pfluck Up…

…as he is the only thing that’s Shovel Ready.

One might begin to think that the only reason he’s running for president is the act in itself appears to provide immunity from 3rd parties investigating past sins… (Who knew?!)

I’m sure that’s not the case.


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6 responses to “Joe Biden is Shovel Ready

  • Al

    I’m the same age as Sleepy Joe so technically I should be a little offended by this post. But your play on words is so excruciatingly clever I could only laugh myself silly! Kudos.

    Joe keeps extolling the virtues of his time with Obama but seems to have stepped in it again with this thoughtless comment. But since dems have no memory (or critical thinking at all), it will pass right over their heads.

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    • Mike

      Don’t be offended, Al. Given your ability to put together a cogent reply to this posts places your well ahead of Old Joe. he just needs someone to remind him that the best way to enjoy a sunset is in a beach chair with a single malt… not forcing private foreign companies to accept your kid onto their board in exchange for political influence. Looking at the amount of money said company was forced to pay Hunter and Old Joe thinking it’s no big deal… I suggest a Macallen 21.


  • David

    I’m afraid that the vast majority of Americans will just believe him. It’s not that they don’t remember the Trillion, It’s that they never knew about it to begin with. I refer you to any episode of Jay Leno’s “Jay Walking”; enough to make you laugh out loud if it wasn’t so scary.


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