It’s No Longer IF we Bankrupt the Country…

It’s HOW we Bankrupt the Country.
I am convinced that there is, and has been, a race to bankrupt the United States of America.
At this point, all that remains is How it will be done and Who will be in charge when it happens.
Most of us are familiar with Cloward-Piven. If not, you should be, click here.
But more intriguing to me is an apparent Republican Plan to “revalue” all that is the United States.
Please understand, I’m sadly no longer sure this is the wrong approach.
Suspend your disbelief and consider for a moment that when you have a two-party system of which one half is made up of Socialists who despise the Greatest Experiment in Self Government the World has ever know and seek to destroy it so they may re-make the country into a Utopian Socialist Paradise, what option do you have? How can they be stopped when they will have periodic control? In other words, it’s not IF it’s WHEN? The Third Way folks have known this for a very long time.
The ‘Fiscal Conservative’s’ have most likely known this too…
This brings me to my epiphany.
For years I have failed to understand why both parties seem determined to drive us straight towards the cliff’s edge. I understand the Democrats as outlined above, but it never occurred to me that there could be a rational explanation for Republicans to do it aside from them being a bunch of Socialist A-holes cloaked in John Kasich’s hand me downs.
But what if this has been a battle for who would be in charge when it happens… and what would the focus of our spending initiatives be at that moment in time?  Would we be investing mainly in Industry and Defense or a Massive Welfare State?  (We are seeing this play out in front of us right now.  In fact, that is all we are seeing right now.  It is all we have been seeing for as long as I’ve been alive.)
Trust me, I fully realize I’m going Full Tin Foil here. But what if this ‘truth’ has been in front of us all along?

I am always open to being wrong.

Is there another assessment that makes sense?
Here we are. We cannot inflate our way out of this fiscal nonsense. Our debt is beyond the apprehension of the human mind. The Leftists seeking to implode the system and restore the rule of kings, philosopher or otherwise, is not going away, it should have by now if it ever was.  (How many innocent human beings must die at the hands of an Ideology before people abandon it?  Apparently not enough yet.)

In my view, a revaluation is inevitable.
This idea has been creeping around my head for about ten years. Yes, I’m appalled. And yes, I’m open to someone… anyone… offering up a clear and concise explanation of where I’m wrong. Please spare me the ‘hearts of man’ angle and lay out a rational retort in the simplest fashion for an idiot like to me to comprehend.
Otherwise, our battle for the future has taken on a whole new twist.

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9 responses to “It’s No Longer IF we Bankrupt the Country…

  • Tricia

    I think the wise move would be stopped buy stock in tin foil producers as the both he left and the right are full of boogie man conspiracy theories. Not to say you’re wrong because it’s a big fat mystery to me too why most Republicans will continue spending us merrily in to debt. But…..I think a big part of it is people are really clueless when it comes to the debt and the catastrophe that will come when things collapse.

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  • NEO

    Interesting thesis! I’m gonna have to think about this one for a while, cause you just might be right.

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  • insanitybytes22

    Well, a couple of things bring me comfort. I don’t understand how very wealthy this country is because there are just too many zeros. So when we spend a trillion dollars building a stupid roundabout, I tend to hyperventilate and assume we’re headed for bankruptcy.

    Second of all, I’m relatively poor because nearly everything to do with money feels counter intuitive and all wrong to me. Rich people taught me, “you have to spend money to make money.” Sometimes when Gov spends money on a project, it creates more commerce and industry, which then brings in more tax revenue.

    My eyes tend to just see a black hole and hear a giant sucking sound, but that’s actually not how the economy works.

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    • Mike

      Hmmm… “Sometimes when Gov spends money on a project, it creates more commerce and industry, which then brings in more tax revenue.”.
      Yes, kinda. When the private sector, you and I, invest money on a project more money get to the project while creating the very commerce and industry you speak of. We need to constantly seek ways to cut the Gov out of the process. Frankly, The Federal Gov exceeding it’s enumerated powers is exactly why we’re here. My above lament/quandary/end of dissonance would not exist if we had not abdicated the powers of the state, and our representatives, to the Federal Gov.
      Regarding our wealth as a country, we have less than no money. We have only potential. It’s our property rights that have been leveraged which allows us to drive our debt to the levels it enjoys. (There is a terrific book called “The Mystery of Capital” by Hernando De Soto that speaks to this phenomena.) Too much blah, blah, blah from me… I apologize IB.

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      • insanitybytes22

        No, your words are fun to read, Mike. I’m always curious to know what people think about our march towards doomsday. I myself am often filled with visions of bread lines and the Great Depression.

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        • Mike

          While you are always too kind, You have a very strange version of fun… I’m grabbing my wife right now to read this.
          ‘Doomsday’ maybe another topic. I think this might be more about jostling to be in control when it finally collapses and must be re-made. I’m drawing up my “I’m Insane” face tattoo while I sit here. It’s going to be AWESOME!


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