The Value of Outrage

Not the Value of Freedom.

It has become clear this morning our Public Schools have abandoned the mission of educating our youth in areas of study such as History, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Instead, the curriculum rests entirely within the Power and subsequent Value of Outrage.

Sadly, as is the new normal, the Media is providing fuel to this negligence.

I’m actively watching Florida Students being used as useful tools for a Socialist Left who would prefer the rights of American Citizens to defend themselves against their ideas be removed from our nation’s Bill of Rights.

I have yet to see a single student asked by our ‘interested’ press to explain the First and Second Amendments followed by the other Eight they shelter.

Frankly, I’ve yet to hear anything other than emotion nourished by ignorance.

No one likes it when our friends and family are murdered… regardless of how it happens.  This is not new to the Human experience.  And it will never go away.  Not ever.

But given this latest demonstration of a profound failure to understand what the idea of The United States means to the World I can only think it is no wonder that American Exceptionalism is now considered a Slur given we have made such a concerted effort to create so very many Unexceptional Americans.

If the Children are our Future, we should Care More.

I may be wrong…

I will wait.

However, I am accustomed to disappointment.  World History has provided that discomfort.

I am not drinking today… this is a sober moment.


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3 responses to “The Value of Outrage

  • Tricia

    I forced myself to watch those kids being interviewed on ABC. It was horryifying to see how programmed they are as far left dupes and filled with such hatred and ignorance.

    This exactly how bad movements get larger and more sweeping. Anyone against more gun control (or whatever the issue is) gets labeled as defective and then eventually stripped of their humanity so as to excuse acts of violence towards them if they don’t fall in to compliance.

    I’m scared for my country.

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  • David

    Your insight is making me realize how incredible it was that Donald Trump got elected President. Also why there has been no DACA deal yet. Everything about the strategy of the left is towards a single end, more votes and useful outrage all designed to prevent them from ever being outvoted again!

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    • Mike

      Right. There is an absolute War being waged by those who long for a Class system and a strict adherence to it. Whether they realize it or not, they are frustrated Monarchist Aristocrats who fancy themselves Elite and simply cannot understand why they are repeatedly denied control over every American Citizen. They are aided by the rest of the World who has embraced this Fascist Liberalism and see The United States as the example which must be extinguished in order for their rule to be unchallenged in principle.
      It’s sadly simple… and we, as Americans. seem hell bent on helping them out.


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