The Homeless have been Found!

Get Ready Folks, I have it on good authority that after a roughly 8-year absence the homeless have finally been found!

Just in time for the Mid-Terms, and filling that need for an issue to balkanize the voter base, The Homeless have been located in Los Angeles.  Who Knew?  (well… everyone… for three decades… which is why it’s a tired, clichéd, leftist election cycle play employed whenever they are out of power… but whatever.)

I’ve been informed there will be a fresh set of lawsuits filed in California with the purpose of demanding state authority to Force homeless people into state-run facilities.  We used to call these sanitariums, but I’m confident there will be a new euphemism crafted…  maybe something Japanese like “Happy Lucky You Homes!”

I would like to think that California’s Leftists are genuinely concerned about the homeless epidemic and are seeking solutions, but I’m too old and too jaded to believe it to be true.  I suspect, based on well honed cynicism, the issue will simply be used to freshen the Homeless epidemic in California as ‘new’ and somehow the responsibility of the Republican led Federal Government… not California Leftists.  Additionally, I suspect that trying to make this a Federal Issue is about siphoning Federal Taxpayer Dollars into California’s coffers to prop up decades of terrible Socialist Policy initiatives.  (Always remember, Socialists are not about actually solving problems.  Within the Socialist Governing Paradigm problems are to be used to secure money from Taxpayers and keep The Useful angry.)

It’s going to be an interesting year.



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5 responses to “The Homeless have been Found!

  • Tricia

    I agree with you Mike. Homeless is a vast and complicated problem and a movement towards forcibly getting the more mentally ill of the lot in to treatment is a good idea if done with a lot of thought and humility. Unfortunately I don’t see Democrats in Los Angeles or anywhere in California as having these qualities. They are doing this purely for political reasons as you state.

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    • Mike

      The Homeless issue will be used to position Republicans, particularly Trump, as non-caring. There will be no discussion regarding the issue being the responsibility of the state, nor will the list of Presidents ‘who did nothing’ be brought up including Kennedy, LBJ, Ford, Carter, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama. Nixon will get a passing mention as being particularly offensive just so the press has an opportunity to say his name a few times and the residual focus will be on Reagan… because Reagan HATED the Homeless don’t ya know… with fire hot attention on Trump who will say it is the State’s responsibility. Which it is.

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  • insanitybytes22

    Yep. Well said. Bit of a range war going on in my neck of the woods, we are so liberal our brains done fell out. The “homeless” have shelters,soup kitchens, a free store, access to medical care, a whole slew of services. The homeless are enjoying a higher quality of life and far more political favor then the working class do here are. Business owners are being prevented from ejecting aggressive panhandlers and drug dealers from the sidewalks in front of their stores.

    It’s a real mess and what is not being understood by local government is that the homeless, rather than being soft fluffy kittens, happen to be people doing all the negative things people do.

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    • Mike

      You’ll love this, IB. So my Beautiful, and inexplicably tolerant, wife and I were hangin’ on Skid Row when we wanted to get a bottle of Water at the local Duane Read. (Drugstore for the guys at Huachuca and Meade as well as you WordPress tools deciding what to Shadow Ban) While she was getting her ice cold beverage she witnessed a man stuffing his backpack full of various goods. She went up to pay for the $5 bottle of water… water… and informed the clerk of the activities happening right behind her. While doing so they both were able to witness the individual walk out of the store, just a few feet away. Astonished, my wife asked the clerk, and several of her associates standing around, what they do in such an event. They told her “Nothing. we are not allowed to stop them.”
      My wife then immediately asked for her $5 back.
      The clerk looked at her like she had three heads… and confused… refused.

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