To Be a Socialist

To be a Socialist
is to Declare yourself Superior to others
then to use the Power of Government Force
to Oppress those you deem Inferior,
and because you’re doing it for Their Own Good
expect a Thank You Note.


(Note: a Socialist takes many names and flavors… such as Communist, Progressive, Liberal, Fascist, Democrat and even Republican.  It’s a poisonous ideology which can be found everywhere.  It’s also worth keeping in mind that when those deemed Inferior do not do what you want you can kill them while declaring you are doing the World a Favor.  It’s a Tyrannical Win-Win.)


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6 responses to “To Be a Socialist

  • David

    I wish I had a nickel for every time a leftisit called the truth “aggressive, insulting and biased”, what would I do with all that money?

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  • msmarko

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s silly.


    • Mike

      It might even be funny, if it wasn’t true


      • msmarko

        Everyone thinks is the other with the ideology. You should doubt your certainty. Were dealing with PEOPLE. You really think everyone who identifies as any of the things you list as synonyms for “socialist” declare their superiority to others? What, fascists don’t do the same? And Dems and GOPs and doctors, lawyers and native american chiefs?? You’re kidding. And as for using “the Power of Government Force
        to Oppress those you deem Inferior”, which government? ALL govt’s? HAHAHAHAHA. You gotta be kidding. Every gov’t oppresses someone. Cognitive bias is diffuse, effects everyone. With your post you show bias, displeasure and AGGRESSION, not wisdom. Simple, narrow minded, irrational and not analytical and of very little value. This is name calling, insult, not cogent analysis. It’s highly manipulative, moy brat!

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