Waiting for the Las Vegas Shoe to Drop…

Something is amiss.
We are 48 hours out from a horrific shooting and the only thing the media has to talk about is evidence that it was premeditated.   (No kidding.)
The Stupid hurts.

Within hours we knew he had a hunting and fishing license… and was a Postal Worker…
but not his voter registration.

Within hours his girlfriend went from ‘just his girlfriend’ to a person of interest who seems to have received at least $100k from him recently… but nobody has pulled up the titles on his homes to see how much he owed and to whom?

Within hours his Brother stated he was not interested in Politics, Religion… or Guns…
but then he started talking about Meteors.

It’s what we don’t know in a day when one cannot operate without a computer and a cell phone that is astonishing.

There is a lot here we are not being told.

Why not? The guy is dead… there’s no legal defense necessary. Seriously, In the fashion I wish these A-holes would start their shooting spree he ended it. That Story is over.

What narrative is at risk here?

Just like the Casinos, I’m an odds guy.

What are the odds that Paddock is just another Cliche, just another Liberal with a Gun? A small man with big dreams of being somebody important, but angry with a Universe that doesn’t find him interesting. This guy spent way too much time thinking about this to not want to make a name for himself…. to change the world…

I’m putting my money on debt, fairness, envy and Politics… as well as being a Postal Worker.

However, I will continue to wait… with all of you.

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4 responses to “Waiting for the Las Vegas Shoe to Drop…

  • David

    What they are saying repeatedly is “we have to get this right”. Can we interpret that as, “I’m afraid to tell the truth about this guy because of the tirade that will be directed against me when I do”?

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  • insanitybytes22

    What gets to me, is how we don’t seem to believe in evil anymore. This was an evil act done by a man who chose to do evil. It just is what it is. Evil cannot be rationalized because it isn’t rational. So there will be no explanation, no closure, no time when we will be able to say “oh, now I totally understand why this happened.”

    As a culture that kind of worships reason,denying the existence of evil forces us to engage in all kinds if nutty conspiracy theories, blaming everything from guns to politics to gambling.

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    • Mike

      I suspect this is an act by a man who thinks a greater good will come of it. If there were ever Evil… that’s it. There is a prevalent idea that is possessing humankind and it promotes the Group, and Government, above the Individual. Once that happens the Individual Human life becomes cheap when measured against the Greater Good of the Group.
      The Poison that warps men’n minds.

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