From the “Who needs Enemies when you have Friends like these?” file…

File Photo – John Boehner, Former Republican Speaker of the House

Here’s a little quote from John Boehner, Former Republican Speaker of the House, associated with an article where he states the Republicans will Never repeal Obamacare.

“What’s making everything even worse today is because we have so much news, people get to choose where they get their news,” Boehner said. “It used to be we had three big TV networks, five big newspapers, and five big radio stations and whatever they said was the news. Everybody else followed what they do.” – John Boehner 072517

There you have it, Idiots. You’re all too stupid to know what’s real and what isn’t and the ‘just recently former Republican Speaker of the House’ is lamenting your access to unfiltered “news”.  You, your opinions, your radio hosts and your little dog too, are all dummies.  You want to know what an Elitist A-hole is?  Well, they drink scotch all day, look like George Hamilton on a bender and sound like the above quote spoken in a slow perpetual slur.

If you need a reminder…

The Enemy is Within.

Trumps first War will be fought inside his own party.


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4 responses to “From the “Who needs Enemies when you have Friends like these?” file…

  • blooming shadow

    Nice picture choice 😉

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  • insanitybytes22

    Your trip down memory lane reminds me of way back when Dems were having their town hall meetings for health care reform,all over the country. They threw members of their own party out, they shut down discussion. There were even some incidents where the cops where called and tasers were involved. Thou shall not bring up any concerns or worries and thou shall be totally shut out of the press.

    For many years people have struggled to bring their tales of Obamacare woe to politicians and the media, desperate for some relief. Dems would not listen, but neither would Republicans. President Trump made me cry the other day. There he was surrounded by families who have been harmed, actually listening to them, actually promising to do something.

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