From the “Duh.” File

If only someone had warned you… — TheOnceandFutureKing (@Mattfobrien) June 26, 2017 Why didn’t anyone warn about this!!??? Oh, that’s right, anyone w/ a lick of sense DID warn about exactly this. — (((WitCoHE))) (@E__Strobel) June 26, 2017 how many times did people try to tell you this would happen, and your response was that…

via ‘We told you’! Jill Filipovic is shocked — SHOCKED! — at this minimum wage hike failure —


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3 responses to “From the “Duh.” File

  • David

    Anyone who has ever owned and run their own business knows that this doesn’t work!

    Legislators who have never done anything but legislate have NO CLUE what the free market is about.

    Drain the swamp! Aren’t our representatives supposed to be us?

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  • Al

    Just one more example from the files of the “if it makes us feel good, let’s do it” mentality of the liberals.

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