Breaking: The End of Trump! *Updated* *Updated*

2/8/2017, Bethesda MD: Returning from a scheduled visit to Walter Reed Medical Center President Donald Trump had his motorcade make an unannounced stop at Pet Mac, a Bethesda Pet Shop. Press assigned to the trip reported the President entered the Pet Store and suddenly grabbed a cat then started petting it heavily. The cat reportedly didn’t appear to care. It is unknown at this time if the cat knew the President or had contact with the President before this event. Employees said they had no knowledge of the visit. However a clerk stated that it is not unusual to see rich and powerful men in their store staring at the cats. We have reached out to the cat in question but at the time of this article have not received comment.

Update:  The owner of Pet Mac, requesting her name not be used, contacted us after seeing our article.  She wanted to make it clear that no money was exchanged during the President’s visit.  She also assured us that Women, often repeat customers, regularly visit her cats but instead of petting them in the store, take five our six home with them at a time.

Update:  It has been brought to our attention that hanging on the back wall of Pet Mac is a signed picture of President Clinton.  When we asked the store owner about the picture she stated that President Clinton was a very frequent visitor, while he spent most of his time petting the cats he never took one home with him.

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