Ass Hats

This morning I grabbed my phone off the charger and found a late night text…

… my first thought is ‘this should be interesting’.

In my circle of friends, inebriation runs rampant. That being said, this text had value, a value I thought worth sharing. It was from a guy I respect deeply… but he has religiously avoided having conversations with me regarding Ideology. I think the reasons are twofold, one is I bore him to tears. (He has that in common with my beautiful wife.) Second, He feels like I might know more than he does and he doesn’t want to feel stupid, which if you knew this man would seem… stupid. (The only idiot in my circle is me.  I clearly choose friends who suffer them, and yes I recognize the irony.)  In our group the only competition I offer is what level of intoxication can be achieved before liver implosion.  Anyway, here’s the text with minor edits and omissions to protect the innocent;

“I have never been a person that is consumed with politics, because I don’t know how to speak intelligently about how the system works.  My best knowledge of politics I [get] from Sesame Street.  I still don’t understand what that rhyme meant.  What I know today and seeing all this crap protesting Trump is absolute bullsh*t!  He’s being judged because he like to grab a woman’s p*ssy!  What man doesn’t want to do that!  Wife, girlfriend, whatever.  Please blog about what we have suffered with as a small business owner for the last 4 years.  My CPA ____ lost his health insurance because he didn’t qualify for free health care.  Instead he has to pay exorbitant amounts of money to provide healthcare for him and his children.  Obnoxious co-pays and just bullsh*t!  You can’t find a more responsible, frugal, loving person that just looked at me and said, “I lost my f*cking insurance because of Obama Care!”  WFT!  Put your Tighty Whiteys (sic) on and f*cking give hell!  Stupid people can’t look back as to what or where our country has not done and the fact that their lives are no better or worse than 8 years ago!  Crazy that the best time for me in my business for now almost 20 years was when Bill Clinton was in office!  I am here because of George Bush Sr.  It might be a thousand points of light, but we all were living good lives those days.  Love you buddy!  I think those f*cking pussy [hat] wearing protestors, if they look beyond stupid comments that just happened to be captured on video and give it time to see what the f*ck he can do or is going to do for the benefit of the people of our country.  If what I believe will happen, then I say all those pussy protestors be required to meet again at the same place, but wearing hats that look like assh*les!  Most of them should have a little piece of toilet paper still stuck in their asses that they can use to wipe the tears!  He was voted into office by the people from our country and those registered to have a say and hopefully some knowledge.  If people would acknowledge that it’s real and you actually give a sh*t other than being cool because you are a protestor of someone who hasn’t even been given a chance!  Meanwhile ignoring That Obama did nothing for us!  I’m out!  Blog from a Cuban, business owners perspective!  400k a month to provide health insurance for our 100 employees!”

In terms of a single text… this was EPIC.  Once you read past the alcohol, it becomes interesting.  But it is the wisdom in the space between the lines that prompted me to post it.  There are specific issues within this that I could address individually, but instead I want to focus on what is clearly the motivation for this massive missive.

All of us are witnessing protesters that are representing what can only be of three types.  1.)  They are Socialist Democrats who hate the Individual Liberty and Freedom this country was founded upon.  In other words they know full well what they are doing.  2.)  Generational Democrats who seek to elevate themselves above others by ‘joining’ a movement they believe show they care more about everything than anyone else.  3.)  The Genuinely Ignorant Useful Idiots who have fallen for the sugar coated poison pushed by the first two groups and have given no thought, and refuse to do so, regarding what this Country, as it was founded, means to every Individual Human Soul.

His text is a reaction, whether my friend can articulate it or not, to opposition for the sake of opposition which finds it’s energy in overt hatred of The Greatest Experiment in Self-Rule the World has ever known.

I believe his frustration is being felt all around the United States.  It doesn’t matter the specifics.

I love you too buddy.  Thank you for the novel… you assh*le.



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8 responses to “Ass Hats

  • David

    What I want your visitors to know about the man who wrote that Massive Missive is that he has created more jobs in this town than all the rest of us (in our little circle) combined!

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  • Tricia

    Wow, powerful post Mike and really insightful. It’s the ones like this where a personal story from an everyday person is told that really effect me most as it’s reality.

    A lot of crazy stuff going on in our country where even a true blue life long Democrat friend of mine is now outwardly defending Trump. She actually has an open mind though and happened to marry a libertarian. Plus she lives in England now where Islamfascism hits hard. The rest of the libs here are just hopeless and will tear this country apart rather than see Trump be successful.

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    • Mike

      You’re right. The Socialists cannot afford for Trump, or anyone else who doesn’t buy into their horrid Ideology to be successful. Once they’re finished burning it they’ll try to salt the fields.

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  • insanitybytes22

    The truth sure is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? It has a way of rearing it’s ugly head even in unlikely places.

    Liked by 2 people

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