Why President Trump’s continued assertion that Illegal Aliens Voted is Brilliant…

This is a tactic I have used many times. And it works… every time.

When you are confronted with individuals who are motivated, excited even, to make you appear foolish, all you need to do is overstate something. In other words, you know you’re correct but you need them to do the work for you.

Illegal voting is one of those examples.

The current Leftist line is “This accusation has been ‘debunked’.” The desperately want to leave it at this and move on. Why? Because it has not been ‘debunked’. What they are hoping the public will accept as ‘debunked’ is that there has been “no evidence produced” demonstrating that Trump lost the popular vote because Illegal’s Voted. While technically true, the fact is nobody has looked… and if they have they have they have made sure not to look very hard.

There is clear evidence a long history of  voter fraud.

But it is Trump’s overstatement that he lost the popular vote due to that Illegal vote which is the Brilliant aspect to this tactic.

The Socialist Democrats will not be able to contain themselves when they see what they perceived, shortsightedly, as an opportunity to make Trump look Stupid. As usual they will miss the forest for the trees.

Here are the possible outcomes if the leftist Media chooses to go after the bait;

1. They will have to show that indeed Illegal’s voted… but not enough to have given Clinton the popular vote. (A bit risky as it would most certainly result in Voter ID and simultaneously elevate the issue of Illegal immigration at a time when the Left desperately want to downplay the downside of failure to enforce the borders.

2. They will have to show that indeed illegal’s voting did hand Hillary the popular vote. (All of the above outcome #1 will apply.)

This is a classic ‘lose-lose’ scenario… and I believe the Progressives will fall for it. The too clever by half crowd just can’t resist.

Right now the Media is left with only one option and that is to repeat, ad nauseam, Trump’s accusation has been “Debunked”.  “Debunked. debunked, debunked!”  “Nannannna na na  nah… we’re not listening… DE BUNKED!”

But it is in Trump’s interest to continue to assert the simple statement that he would have won the popular vote had it not been for Illegal Voters. He should supply nothing else except repetition. Loud repetition.

This is an argument the Democrats do not want to have…

But they are too Trump Blind to see it.

This is fun to watch.

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