Smell the Fear…

I cannot find any evidence of the Jill Stein – Green Party asking the Clinton Camp for help with Wisconsin Recounts.

So why would the Hillary folks overtly state that They will be assisting Stein with a vote recount in a traditionally Democrat State?


It’s worth noting that the Green Party was witness to DNC scheming and tilting the field in favor of a Clinton Presidency… as were the Bernie supporters.

It’s also worth noting that Bernie made a Deal with the Clintons, Stein did not.

Finally, it’s important to understand if you want something not to succeed… get involved with the effort.

All that being said…

Both parties, Stein and Hill, know that regardless of the outcome of such a recount the results will not change.

So what is this Wisconsin Recount about?

It’s about voter fraud, just not Republican.

The Green Party is fully aware of the types of Voter Fraud as well as the kind of Energy dedicated to organizing and conducting it.  Many members of the Green Party, and Bernie Supporters, participated in it over the years on behalf of the Democrats they previously championed.  They know where to look.  They know what they’ll find.  They know it was Rigged in more ways than one.  They know They were Robbed.  And, They’re Pissed.

This isn’t about the millions in donations…

This is about exposing Fraud.

This is about exposing Corruption.

This is about a revolution within the Democrat Party.

The only recourse the Democrat Establishment has to stop this coming Sh*t Storm is to get involved.

They clearly see where this is going and they don’t have anyone inside to spy on the process and derail it once it finds what everyone knows is there.

So the Clinton Camp sends out their Lawyers to assert they will be ‘helping’ the Stein folks with the recount, just to be “fair”.  What ‘Reasonable’ Democrat Socialist would refuse such ‘help’?


She doesn’t want the help of the very people who she is on a mission to expose.

I suspect one of two outcomes.

Stein will fold and accept the sabotage from the Clintons in exchange for a Deal similar to the one Bernie took or The Liberal Media, at the direction of the DNC, will turn on Stein and paint her as a crazy tilting at windmills who is ultimately just ‘in it for the money’.

The fuse is lit, and you can smell the fear coming from the Progressive Establishment.

Trump should sit back and grab the popcorn.





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